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  1. I'm in the same boat as you Fiddler. Looks like I'm going to have to re-install just to get transparent roads. PITA.
  2. Same here. How can I get the trees to show in ortho4xp ? Can I get them into the overlays somehow ?
  3. Looks like a sale of manchester ! And I'll check out markam as well. My Hawk can live there .
  4. Thanks for your advice. I have eghi and egff in the UK. I have a look around and see if there is a drive through or open hangar to use.
  5. I am looking for an orbx airport in xp11 that includes a hangar that I can park my TBM900 in. Preferably something that i can close doors etc. Does anything like this exist ?
  6. You can try renault natural setting. Its in the tips and trick xp11. I've tried many but this looks the most realistic to me.
  7. I am amazed how good some of the gateway airports are in xp. Try london city, southhampton, midlands and Birmingham just to mention a few. No doubt i will buy some orbx airports, but in the meantime the defaults are generally very good imo.
  8. I recommenced the download now I'm back home and the speed was now 1.7mps . Only took an hour or so to complete the remaining files. In the future I will wait a few days after a release before purchasing again and hopefully the server may not be so busy. And it was worth the wait Frizzelle !
  9. 3 days and I've got 10 gigs. Average around 50kps. I am going away for 2 weeks so I will pick it up again then and hopefully things have speeded up somewhat.
  10. Thanks frizzelle for your advice. Your help in resolving my problem has been invaluable .....
  11. I have been downloading TEGB for 30 hours and have only 4.5gb so far. I am on a 5hz connection and cannot seem to get more than 50kb/s. I there an aus server like there used to be. It will take 5 days to download at this rate.
  12. Just wondering if we need the x plane UK base scenery loaded into the simulator as well or will orbx work ok without it ? I'm guessing I may need it for the global airports at least.
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