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  1. I guess they thought "737" would be ambiguous, and came up using seventh letter of the alphabet instead.
  2. Some of around the Great Lakes would be fun.
  3. So RĂ©union and Mauritius are indeed included, and apparently Seychelles, and Comoro islands as well. Basically, just about all important islands around Africa. Which is great! I'm really looking forward to this! If OpenLC was ever to be continued after this release, it would kind of make sense to split Asia differently than previously planned. Like, Asia West and Asia East, the division going to north from area between Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and then south along the eastern border of China, and India being in either in West or East. So, the "West" would have all the Middle East, Georgia, some of the missing Russian cities and the Caspian region as "attractions", while the "East" would include China, Koreas, Japan and other obvious areas as its. Anyways, that's just wishes and speculations, happy get the Africa added at least!
  4. Damn guys - this was effectively suspended indefinitely and at least most of it is apparently back on track to get eventually released. I think I can settle for the mainland, major islands and Arabic peninsula basically for time being. (I wouldn't mind though if "Madagascar" included RĂ©union and Mauritius! )
  5. Wonderful news! I was hugely disappointed on the news of this maybe getting cancelled, great to see it back on track.
  6. If this is an fallback issue in the P3Dv4 itself, would it be a solution (for now, pending a proper one) to simply duplicate the files from the Global into the OpenLCs to remove the need of fallbacks? Or are we talking about tens of gigabytes or more?
  7. Never mind, verifying installation did the trick. Thanks guys.
  8. Ok thanks! No way to run it directly, for some reason I can't find where it is installed after moving to a new library system? (Wrong forum, BTW, I was supposed to post on P3D.)
  9. Hello, I hope this won't come out as an idiotic question, but I can't find the Vector airport elevation correction utility in the new Orbx Central. Could someone point me into right direction?
  10. Well, regardless what the new sim may bring (it will be summer 2020 the earliest I would even consider additional sims as I'm pending a PC update), OpenLC Africa and Asia are very high on my wishlist. They do the trick of making the affected landscape look believable, instead of simply artificial and generic. This alone effectively opens new areas for sim flying to me. I don't insist on streets and buildings level accuracy. It would be great to get an update about what's going on with these.
  11. The rest of the Alaska would be an instant buy for me as a conventional region. Also, there is yet another idea how to enhance that corner of the world: Alaskan Coast TrueEarth. This could also finally bring the "gap" left on the venerable Tongass Fjords to fill up to the current standards. Actually, I'd instantly buy both.
  12. Looking good! In particular I'm waiting for the Africa - a whole new continent added to the playground.
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