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  1. Well, regardless what the new sim may bring (it will be summer 2020 the earliest I would even consider additional sims as I'm pending a PC update), OpenLC Africa and Asia are very high on my wishlist. They do the trick of making the affected landscape look believable, instead of simply artificial and generic. This alone effectively opens new areas for sim flying to me. I don't insist on streets and buildings level accuracy. It would be great to get an update about what's going on with these.
  2. The rest of the Alaska would be an instant buy for me as a conventional region. Also, there is yet another idea how to enhance that corner of the world: Alaskan Coast TrueEarth. This could also finally bring the "gap" left on the venerable Tongass Fjords to fill up to the current standards. Actually, I'd instantly buy both.
  3. Looking good! In particular I'm waiting for the Africa - a whole new continent added to the playground.
  4. Oh yea, Africa would be an instant winner for me. Global + Vector already gave some facelift, together with FreeMeshX, but that continent has been neglected in the FSX/P3D world. The default being absolutely horrible. Many small airports and big ones as well to handle the tubes - and often with great fun VOR approaches only. -Esa
  5. Excited about Africa! That's one big place to fly, and not properly pictured as of yet. Cargo guys always talk how beautiful a late evening flight into Entebbe is. -Esa
  6. Huh...I seldom do but drool the previews around here, but I'm starting to get curious of what's going on here? I like the products for a big part, but after the last months, I unavoidably get a feeling of a developer who's left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. As amazed as I am in that I will ever admit something like this, I must say that I do feel concerned about the sustainability of the customership in the long run, even if the Paypal per se wouldn't be an absolute deal breaker for me. My feeling is that of not knowing what's going on, in a bad way. Most certainly, and unfortunately, given the ongoing sale and everything, I'm putting my further purchases on hold for now. A kind of lose-lose, as I really do like the products.
  7. Well, if so - you got me at least with that, I must say! At some point after the announcement I was actually wondering why I could resume my sim re-installation with my usual a-couple-per-day-rate, but dared not to mention that out loud. If the manual downloads were - and are - the only thing affected, no problem whatsoever by me. Complete/fresh re-installs are luckily rare enough for me that this cloud system, if and when proved working, makes me to get rid of my installer backups, I never intended to store the v3 installers locally. Backups are so from '90ies anyway! Thanks for clarification, if that's all what this needed!
  8. Darn. I had to re-install my sim from scratch as certain sim platform update caused unsolvable issues. I specifically put it on hold for a couple of weeks as v.3 was announced, to not have to run through all the wrappers again. Luckily I didn't clean up the old installers just yet. Server demand appears to be the same thing to the internet that the first good snowfall is to the road traffic... it surprises 'em every year. -Esa
  9. Love it! More Alaska stuff, and one of my favorite GA stop-bys! If it will be as friendly to frames as Yakutat is, I'm 10/10! -Esa
  10. Thank you guys for this release! Maybe the most significant update for me, finally making the border areas of the regions properly flyable! -Esa
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