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  1. Great News John. Really looking forward to this release. Excellent work again by the ORBX team
  2. I'm hoping the silence means the Golden Gate is coming into view as the fog rolls out of the ORBX server over the weekend......LOL
  3. Great shots of the UK John, UK was going to be my next region purchase but I think I'll hold off.....LOL LOL.........Lots of other ORBX stuff to get on my list anyway..........lol
  4. Thanks for the reply John, It sucks that there isn't affordable imagery for Canada. Its not the first time I've heard this from a developer but hopefully one day you will be able to solve the issue. The Canadian Rockies would look outstanding in photoreal. Anyway, looking forward to the new products.......... Chris
  5. This is great news..........I just loaded up on the NA regions thanks to the great sale and now I'll have to start saving for all the photo scenery releases. LOL LOL Thanks to ORBX for the great sale and a big thanks for moving to a new photo scenery world.!!!!!!!!!!!!...............cant wait for the UK stuff. Hopefully as someone said in an earlier post , Canada and Alaska will eventually be done but I'm sure the photo PNW will cover the same area as the original so my home town of Vancouver will get covered this year. Big thanks again for all your great work!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris
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