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  1. Looking great........can't wait to finish off the west coast in the P3D world
  2. Glad you got it fixed and enjoying it. Now you will catch the True Earth bug and have to get Washington and California...…….lol lol
  3. I actually just posted a reply in the P3Dv5 section.....looks like that missing folder could have been installed with my Washington download. Hopefully they get that sorted out for Oregon and then you can check it out properly with the full autogen. If you like what you see in Oregon I would definitely give Washington a try next. I run Washington with the DD Seattle airports and it looks stunning around that area. Also since I live in Vancouver the area around Mount Baker and the Cascades is excellent. I leave PNW enabled because that covers the Canadian side of th
  4. Hey Nick, I did some checking for Carlos on the other post and my "FTX_NA_!USAll_Library" is in P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 , like you said its 3.95GBs for me. Looks like its dated from May 27th 2020 which was when I bought Washington TE. Maybe the actual folder install is missing with the Oregon download....?
  5. I highly recommend Washington and Northern California. Haven't had any issues with addon airports like KSEA or KSFO. The landclass regions were great but TE really makes a whole new world. Now if there was only a TE version for my home town ( Western Canada too) all would be perfect. I guess Canada charges too much for the Ortho so its not in the cards right now.
  6. Hi Carlos, I actually have all the USA True Earth for P3D and XP11. Also all the TE areas for the UK. I'm a big photo scenery nut. The only bad thing is lack of autogen in most areas , TE has fixed that . Oh yes......HDD space is a killer with all this TE and other photo scenery....lol lol Did a quick flight around KPDX in P3DV4.5 and don't have any issues with the autogen. Chris
  7. I actually just Installed Oregon into P3dv4.5 and the "TE_US_Lib_autogen-ag.BGL" is there for me. Haven't actually checked out the scenery yet.....was running it in P3Dv5 and all was fine. Will report back after I go for a spin in P3DV4.5
  8. Looks like Oregon is getting very close to my HDD....lol lol Just saw it made it to the coming soon section of the store...…...please be this week......lol lol Another piece of outstanding work!!!!!!!!
  9. After reading this post and searching all over the place for a fix with no luck I tried my solution. Luck find I guess but mostly because I had no idea how to use WED and was too lazy to try......lol Hopefully it will work for others until ORBX updates the airport .
  10. I actually found a temporary way to get the ground routes and AI to work with EGNX. 1) Uninstall EGNX, and then load up XP11 to the default airport. 2) I ran WT3 for the flights and ground routes and shut down XP11 after it had loaded the AI aircraft. 3) Installed ORBX EGNX again and when I loaded up the flight and ran the WT3 stuff everything seemed to work fine. Not sure why running the default airport first for WT3 worked but it seems to have carried the info over to the ORBX version once its reinstalled.
  11. Ok. Logged out of central and back in , did a verify files and it started to download "TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries". Looks like it installed a 12GB folder into my library so all is well. Will fire up the sim and check to make sure every thing is working. Thanks Nick
  12. Hi Nick, Just double checked my P3DV4 drive and the HDD with the Central Library and its definitely not in either.
  13. Very strange, I actually did a fresh install of GB South version 2 and have no folder with the "TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries". Tried another complete uninstall and install and the same issue. Seems my install is not downloading those libraries for some reason.
  14. Great News John. Really looking forward to this release. Excellent work again by the ORBX team
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