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  1. Hi Marcus , many thanks for letting me know ! I´m looking forward to a solution, either way i really enjoy this lovely scenery So, take your time and good luck with your "country-move" ! Regards, Lars
  2. Hi Marcus, I was just a bit worried, as i had not seen this before at any other ORBX or 3rd Party Scenery. I´ll keep watching the forum. Thanks ! Regards, Lars
  3. Hi, flying around the new LEAS airport, i spotted some trees/vegetation and the lighthouse shining through the clouds. The weather was generated by Active Sky. I was able to reproduce the issue from different angles. The settings used are the ones required in the manual, so i´m a bit clueless. Is there anything i can do ? Thank you in advance Regards, Lars
  4. Hi Alex, good to know, i just wanted to exclude the possibility of a faulty installation. Thank you, Lars
  5. Hi, not really a support issue, just curiosity : between october and june there´s no people flow at KBID. Everything else appears to be fine, static objects, aircraft, etc. Probably it´s done this way intentionally, as it´s a seasonal airport, just wanted to make sure that this is the correct behaviour. I couldn´t find any reference in the User Guide. Thanks, Lars
  6. Nice video, i love this aircraft. Who is the developer of this fighter ? Regards, Lars
  7. Unfortunately the same for me No duplicate files, nada. Everything in the Control Panel is deactivated, even further, i deactivated all sceneries, except Orbx Libraries, LDDU, OLC-EU and Vector, still the same and exactly as "Martin_Starski" posted, in front of the terminal frames are great, but looking to either side, gives stutters and significant fps drop. I´m running quite conservative settings, a fast PC and have no problems with other Orbx/Non Orbx sceneries, something strange is in this scenery (btw., it´s beautifull ) Regards, Lars
  8. Waiting anxiously , too and ready to buy KSFF when finally compatible with P3D V3 !
  9. So we have great stuff comming ! Hopefully KBZN and KSFF for P3D V3 is also on the list Eagerly waiting for all these "goodies" Thanks for the update.
  10. Me too, just took the plunge, despite being a bit reluctant, due to problems folks are having and J.V´s advice to wait, but everything went smooth. I checked all my regions, airports, etc.and no problems encountered. Everything looks great and Works great. Lars
  11. Excellent Video and jaw-dropping scenery, so immersive, can´t wait to get my hands on it ! Regards, Lars
  12. " My final shots " ! I was eagerly waiting for these words. Great stuff ! Cheers Ian (and Jarrad)
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