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  1. This is the product I have been waiting for. I have TE England, which is a great place to fly and flying around in Washington is going to be stunning. Cannot wait.
  2. Question for you. Can PBR be done on generic runway and apron textures in P3D? Reason I ask is it would be great to fly into any airport and see some level of PBR on all runways and aprons.
  3. These are quite good. Please share your presets.
  4. This and TrueEarth PNW are the products I am most interested in this year. One of the major features that XP needs is much better ground textures globally.
  5. Really nice shots. The third one looks great.
  6. This is great news as it points in the direction that more TE products will be produced due to their popularity.
  7. Any thoughts of doing seasonal variations for Spring and Autumn?
  8. This looks like a great place to fly into. Love seeing new X-Plane products.
  9. These shots look very realistic and I love the cars too.
  10. I love TrueEarth because it displays the millions and millions of real world subtle differences in terrain that a synthetic landclass product can never display. I do like Orbx Landclass products, but I do like real world representation much better. Things need to continue to improve and TE moves in that direction. It is also important to realize that I am sure we will have higher resolution, seasons and other improvements to TrueEarth as the years pass by. Too many people look at a product only in a current state and for whatever reason cannot see beyond their nose to what is ahead in a future state.
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