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  1. As Microsoft have stated, there will be an offline mode for MSFS, which will be truncated compared to the online mode which will stream much scenery data into the sim. I can see Orbx making a play here in creating offline mode scenery for the many people who will not have the required internet speed to stream scenery data or wish to sim in an offline mode. The great thing with this is if Orbx decide to create offline mode scenery, then very modern tech should be able to be implemented as the platform and SDK would support modern tools, methods and other technical goodies. Can you imagine the b
  2. I do a lot of flying in and around mountains and often get very close to the mountainside. I also spend a lot of time flying in helicopters very close to the ground, around 100 feet above ground, and depend on sharp textures to assist in landing as this gives good visual cues. Could you please post some comparison shots of flying very close to cliffs or mountainsides, as well as very close to the ground for us many bush and helicopter pilots. Thank you.
  3. Z16 looks lower in quality than Z17 and I will not purchase Z16 products (those days ended with FS2004). Microsoft is putting out a shiny new simulator next year while Orbx is considering downgrading ground resolution to pre-FSX days. Seems like things are going in opposite directions. Orbx started over 12 years ago by introducing and subsequently putting out high quality 1 meter/pixel products. It seems concerning that because some people will not spend money on hard drive space (which keeps getting cheaper) or continue to believe that you must have a solid state drive for Orbx pr
  4. I prefer higher resolution products and would not purchase TE products if they were sold at a lower resolution. For me it defeats the purpose of True Earth and Orbx as Orbx for me has always been a way to fly with the best scenery in the marketplace. As I do most of my flying low and slow, I am looking forward to seeing comparison shots that are much closer to the ground to see if True Earth at Z16 would just turn into Blurry Earth. It does sound like the best approach, from the respondents, is to have a Silver (z16/17) option and a Gold (z17) option.
  5. The other thing large trees and houses cause is a distortion of speed and height. When one is on approach and sees houses that look to be 200 below you, but are actually 500 feet below, that distortion of height and speed is noticeable. Also, when you look at a house along a highway and compare it to the size of cars and trucks on that highway, the cars look like miniature clown cars or the houses look utterly out of place due to their HUGE size in comparison to the cars. I would love to see True Size autogen.
  6. This is an excellent looking product and one that has been needed for a very long time. Thanks Orbx and thank you Scott for getting this created and in release hopefully soon.
  7. Won't be long now. Ready to purchase and can't wait to fly in VR.
  8. Personally, I do not care who has a birthday and it clutters up the board and has no relevance to flight simulation. How about we all start talking about when we have wedding anniversaries, our pets, or perhaps what we had for dinner. My kids sometimes like to send me pictures of what they are having for lunch. Should I post that in the screenshot forum? Sorry to be snarky, but this really creates user friction when one wants to look at flight sim related posts during a short break at work.
  9. Getting very close to release. Even with the announcement of MS Flight Simulator, I am very excited to get True Earth Washington.
  10. Wishing you the best John. Thank you for everything you have done for this community.
  11. These shots are among the best I have seen for any simulator ever. The level of realism is stunning. True Earth with X-Plane actually looks like a flight simulator that we would have seen in a few years. This is a revolutionary leap in the flight sim space. Well done.
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