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  1. It was. the winds were 250 @ 10 gusting 18 and getting that wind from the ridge made me glad that I rotated way early down the runway as I wouldnt want to be close to the ground in that. Not that it would be crazy bad but if given the chance, then yeah I'll pass.
  2. I love KEGE for so many reasons. Its a Jarrad Marshal airport that has a huge coverage area. Its PilotEdge ATC controlled. It pairs up nicely with KDEN, KASE and KTEX. So when my niece went out to work at Beaver Creek Ski Resort just outside of Eagle, I made plans to go out and see her as well as do some mountain flying lessons. I kinda use Orbx addons as a bucket list of places to fly. Some of the fields I've flown at have been Bill Womacks KACK Nantucket, 2B2 Plum Island Alex Goff KBID Block Island and now Jarrad Marshals KEGE Eagle and KTEX Telluride Had it not been
  3. Looking forward to all that 2021 brings. Of the list the ones I see that are items Ive been waiting for are KNVY for MSFS KAVX for MSFS KBUR for XP11 Really hoping to see more of the small GA PNW airports find their way into MSFS, any Pilotedge towered controlled airports find their way into XPlane 11. Of everything, KNVY a Class D airport is the airport that most interest me for my enjoyment of GA flying on PilotEdge.
  4. Been flying the Carenado C210 with Simcoders REP up in the PNW are over Orbx True Earth while on PilotEdge for some OnAir jobs. Due to the freezing rain, morning fog and the fact that the C210 doesnt have de ice boots, I'm late on delivering my jobs and have been getting stuck at airports along my route as I try and scud run the valley as IFR flights put me into icing conditions. However, with such great visuals like these, who cares as each flight is a reward! Heading to a small grass strip OR65 Portland KPDX comes into view as I turn to over
  5. This is my fav. So many great ones in this collection but MSFS is the first sim that I can think of to product these kinds of individual storm fronts.
  6. So basically its just as good as some of the default planes right now
  7. I suppose there isnt much that can be said if P3D sales drop like a rock and sky rocket on MSFS from a developers point of view. It would be interesting to hear about how XP11 products have weathered post MSFS release. I still believe XP11 has way more life before MSFS catches it from a real pilots needs to where the tradeoffs are minimal.
  8. Please continue to roll out your existing product line into XPlane 11 with emphasis on PilotEdge controlled fields. ie BUR, SBA, RDD, PSP, SAN, MRY, SJC, EGE, BZN, JAC and SUN. MSFS is great and there is a market to tap there but for myself, I will get into MSFS in about a year or so once the full SDK is out and we have a better understanding of what that sim will be once more complete. As for now, XPlane 11 has all this beautiful True Earth space in great need for more highly detail airports to fill it all in. Thanks for your time.
  9. Not exactly sure whats a bad idea about having the option to own an addon or use an addon via a price that also includes the entire collection of others. One thing about MSFS is that it up'ed the bar of default scenery. By offer sloped runways, better buildings and a more realistic field both inside and outside of the fence line, as a owner of I'd say 99% USA and Oz airports and 35% Europe, theres a lot of airports I am okay with as default and not rebuying for MSFS. Some of which I brought because of a sale and never used. I have them for the platform I brought them for but I also have yea
  10. Just going to put it out there...would love to have an option to pay a monthly fee and have full Orbx addons put into MSFS as they are rolled out. I dont know how it would work but since MSFS does a system check prior to launch, Im sure if there was a will there would be a way and in doing so, I would thinkin addition to many hardcore simmers, Xbox users would want this even more so since they will be more casual and have less hard drive space to store a massive library on.
  11. I dont foresee myself needing or using an XBox but it is great news to see that there is available hardware controls with more to come. This will greatly increase the chances of more gamers becoming hardcore or active simmers who support the addon developers in doing so.
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