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  1. Another winner. Great little airport in the sim and real life. I loved landing there knowing that fence was on the end of the runway as well as taking off from theire.
  2. Thats an airport beacon! They have one just cant been seen from the air (nor does it work) HA!
  3. Two I did in May. This one I flew and landed and took-off at in a xwind which was something to be proud of. This one I was supposed to fly in and out of but couldnt rent a plane because of Covid.
  4. Add to that REP+FSEconomy and you have my way to sim. On topic, Id say New England for me. We really need to start filling in these XPlane11 TE regions with their addon airports. If there was a TE NEM you'd have a good amount of addon airports to put in there like Bar Harbor, Minuteman, Plum, Nantucket, Block, plus the other two which I forget.
  5. So P3Dv5 is confirmed with a release date, X-Plane 11.50 is in public beta and MSFS keeps us updated on development progress. Basically no more surprises coming. That all said, very much looking forward to what had become a staple of Orbx with a kind of yearly look at what the coming year might look like from JV towards the early part of each new year. Specific progress of individual add-ons removed, just a general statement of what 2020 is looking like for Orbx would be great. I mean there's a lot of individual airports in P3D to make it into X-Plane and there's a lot of True Earth add-ons in X-Plane to make it into P3D. Is AeroflyFS still in the cards? What looks exciting to the developers as far as now having PBR everything in P3Dv5 via Direct X12 or seeing benefits in new development areas using Vulcan. 2020 was seen as being a huge year for simming with whats been mentioned as well as other things like possible release of DeadStick and more great things from DCS. Exciting times.
  6. So looking forward to this coming to XPlane along with SoCal. I own it in P3D as well so thank you very much for this free upgrade.
  7. We have a lot in common. I too live on the East coast (Nantucket) and use Orbx/Other great airport scenery developers, PilotEdge and FSEconomy to determine 99% of my flights. Even with having an Orbx detailed airport in both XP and P3D, its having PilotEdge ATC coverage that I enjoy most for the most immersive flights in VR. To the OP. Its taken years of addons coming available for me to become satisfied with finding the best flights that keeps me looking forward to the next flight. My list of needs boils down to these items: 1) Plane must fit the route and be study level-ist 2) Route must involve addon airports that if controlled in RL are controlled in PilotEdge. 3) Flights should not involved long cruise flights. 4) Flights need to have an FSE purpose So with that in mind, I have a small Colorado network of KDEN, KEGE and KASE that I fly the PMDG JS41 and Twin Otter Extended with. In KWYS I fly to and from KBZN, KJAC and KSUN in the Comanche. Have a small route to get pax to and from 65S out of KGPI in the Bonanza. Play the role of a High Roller with exotic taste that flies his p51 from KMRY to KLAS and back. In Xplane11 I use my C210REP to fly FAA pax based out of KSBA. Just waiting on So-Cal and the coming Orbx airports for that. Since this is an Orbx forum, in case others dont know, FSEconomy has most Orbx airports with jobs that go to other Orbx airports. Its a great way to jump in between the different Orbx addon airports in North America and Oz/NZ. Additionally, There are All In jobs for the Dash 8 in Oz and NZ to all those Orbx airports as well. Lastly for PilotEdge and FSEconomy users there are FAA Pax jobs to all towered airports in So-Cal perfect for GA planes.
  8. It would be nice if he understood his head controlled the camera and how to make smooth, small, gentle head moves and less is more. I am interested about the Reverb as far as visuals but man do I like having no headphones over my ears on the Rift S and just speakers. Hands down AFS2 is the VR sim for now.
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