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  1. I really like your compositions. Most screen shots focus too much on the plane when the plane is in the shot but your series gives the feeling of flight with having the plane in the shot while creating a focus more on the overall environment. It just gives a different scale to the world below, a bigger more vast one.
  2. Just a follow up to this. I passed my practical exam back on May 11th at 41.5 hours logged. I soloed on my second day at 3.4 hours, next day did my night xc and it just went from there. In March I visited Ireland and logged .5 hours there which I wanted in my logbook and in Feb I had a friend who is a CFI fly his plane from Nantucket to Florida to get repainted. So he let me do all the flight planning and fly the plane down there with him and that was 10 hours of solid xcountry time. All in all it was a great experience and thanks to flight simming and PilotEdge I felt extremely comfortable the whole time.
  3. For so long we have known regions. Now that we are starting to get TE series that vary in coverage from the Regions, I have a few questions. In a way, the TE series is kinda like Cityscape/Cityscene on steroids yet have so far been linking together to provide complete coverage like regions. So my first question is about future TE series. Are we more likely to see new TE area be introduced as so that they link together like how regions have always been introduced or is there a chance that we could get new TE areas that better fit hotspots like So-Cal or Yellowstone that would provide coverage to include BZN, SUN, IDA, WYS, JAC and the coming BIL if that is still in the works? I can understand if this question cant be answered due to not wanting to show too much of whats to come and feel like theres an over commitment but if there is a some what of a roadmap or plan as to how future TE series might come about that can be shared, that would be great to get an idea of. It just seems there are some areas that could be cut out since there is a lack of addon airports and at the cost of ssd space we wouldnt need a complete coverage map. Additionally, when P3D TE Washington comes out, would that be designed were the regions would be a layer lower so as the user flies out of TE they would then be in the region allowing once again for TE to be kinda like hotspots of highly detailed vast areas and then the regions fill the gap?
  4. So I just ordered a 2TB M2 Samsung SSD so that I can start to add TE series to my Orbx collection now that we can start to use the addon.xml method.
  5. I would be interested in making use of the new addon feature which allows the user to put files outside of the root sim. Once a user has updated to the new Orbx Central, can the user move addons already installed in the sim to an outside folder or only newly installed addons after the new Central will be allowed?
  6. I am a AFS2, P3D and XP11 user. For years the simming community has been asking for Orbx to enter XPlane and recently they did. Prior to that, I didnt think Orbx and XP would make a good fit because of how XP did its auto gen and roads. I had a hard time seeing those two not conflict. However, with all these amazing screenshot from the coming XP Washington, man has Orbx given XP a great enhancement. More so than I would of ever of dreamed. I dont have the hard drive space to pick up these true earth titles on my current system and since I own them all for P3D am not in a hurry to switch. Instead I want to wait to see all the options of P3D, XP and AFS2 to determine how I go forward with my simming. That said, I feel there is more in the bigger picture of what Orbx is doing by releasing products for XP than just for their own business. With taking all whats great with Xplane and providing the closest real to life ground visuals than we've seen in almost any other sim, the potential for XP to continue to expand its customer base only helps to strengthen the chances of more developers to cross over their products. Yeah sure all these great photo like real screen shots the beta team is getting in the TE Wash are amazing but I also see it more as the beginning to XPlanes chances of seeing solid backing from developers who might of only dabbled in developing for it to those who have avoid it altogether. You cant keep putting out screenshots like this and not become a simmers favorite worthy of being an equal platform and not the underdog.
  7. Wait..what?! This isn't payware but free! Wow that's an awesome gift.
  8. When Orbx came to the USA with its release of PNW for FSX, I feel the team really opened up to many simmers who had never heard of or owned Orbx. I feel a repeat of the same kind of impact is about to happen with not only the Washington release but all the smaller addon fields that are in the area. The bigger difference I hope that happens this time around is instead of Orbx opens the eyes of the users, it opens the eyes of other developers to have more reason to develop for Xplane as the user base continues to grow. I'm looking at you A2A! End of the day, I'm going to have to rebuy these fields for a new platform (not complaining, love the discount) and also manage storage space. Since a lot of the airports for the PNW are non-towered in RL as well as in PilotEdge, I'm holding out for AFS2 Washington and hopes all the addon airports will be available to them as well. To enjoy true VFR navigation using ground references with the best VR and frame rates one can enjoy and go full bush with no comms. Nor-Cal and So-Cal TE on the other hand, I will be buying for Xplane as many of the airports for that are PilotEdge tower controlled and I dont have to worry about seasonal textures as much. The best thing of all of Orbx products and the new 64 bit sims is that they wont be going out of sytle for years and years. So I can enjoy my investments and if I get a new system with bigger storage or add more storage later, I can switch out my PNW for Wash, Or down the road and then all those smaller airports are in a way new and improved too as the approach into them is that much better.
  9. You guys have done a great job over the past few months bringing the England airports to XP11. What I am most looking forward to buying and for why is: TE PNW and all the airports in that cover area for Aerofly FS2. Reason why is I look forward to doing xc flights to all those non controlled fields using VFR and no GPS. A smooth VFR xc flight in that area would be a great use of AFS2. Basically I' looking to trade my PNW P3D flying in for AFS2 to really enjoy the smooth flying and true VFR navigation flights. Other AFS2 airports would be KBID, KACK and KTEX. Being a loyal member of PilotEdge, I'm looking to buy all PE ATC Towered cover airports on the west coast. Mostly in the SoCal area. P3D has all the planes I like to fly but XP and AFS2 have the core sim features I like the most so thats where I am finding I like to fly more while I use all the platforms and lease 90% of the Orbx products for P3D.
  10. Well my quick look around in AFS2 TE Netherlands has me hooked on TE for AFS2. Looking forward to when TE comes to the PNW as well as all the small strips. I dont need ATC or traffic to enjoy xc flights to and from uncontrolled using true landmarks to navigate by.
  11. I just brought the Netherlands for AFS2 to test out the True Earth Series as I dont have it for XP or P3D. Of all the platforms, AFS2 is the one that I am looking to invest into on the true Earth products but really want to have a coverage area where there is addon airports and I have good sectionals for to plan trips. Ideally, SoCal is the one area that I most look forward to seeing AFS2 and additional airports but decided to use the Valentines Day sale to try TE out and see what its like.
  12. Since Orbx is ramping up production on its XPlane and AFS2 addon, might I make a suggestion for the Product Map page. Since the current map shows the P3D/FSX product line in blue, how about making the other two platforms the two other primary colors of Yellow and Red. That way if the product is supported by P3D and Xplane like say Pearson Field, Blue and Yellow make green so the airplane would be colored green. Or if its like Eagle where its P3D and AFS2 then Blue and Red would make purple. If its all 3 like Meigs then it would be brown (not the best color choice so that could be changed but ideally all colors combined equal a brown so...). Right now it wont matter much but once the Orbx catalog start to favor heavy XP and AFS2 products and their sole only users, looking at the P3D/FSX map might not work the best as it does now.
  13. Yes. Bill Womack has that included in his 6B6 airport. Very cool indeed and the lights come on for 15 minutes and then go off again. Here check out this video near the end.
  14. Now with seeing Orbx is using SODE, it would be interesting to see if we could get PCL active on all the great small fields Orbx has that in RL are PCL ones.
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