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  1. I rest my point. If you know you are going to do a flight that will give you an OOM in FSX and you have the same addons in P3Dv4, what is the most likely choice of how you would do that flight. Then as time goes on you find that to be the case and you are ready to add more to your collection you might find that you have your FSX addons and you have your P3D addons and you might not need them all on both. For myself, I am moving all my PNW/SCA addons to v4 because I could never fly there and not get an OOM in P3Dv3/v2/FSX. However, my Central and Northern Rockies and all those addon fields never give me an issue and they will be last to move with no rush. PNG, love those fields never an OOM no rush. So yes while I could load up both I am just determining that I will move it, reduce or delete it for space before feeling I need to have all of it and worry about running out of space. All the same, its a great feeling to final get past the install/update and configure phase and be able to just enjoy so as a fellow simmer with an equal addiction for addons...heres to many many great flights ahead!
  2. Very true. My post wasnt to say there is no reason for either but that perhaps in a year or less, one wouldnt need a full collection of everything for two platforms. That once hdd space starts to shrink, one might realize they use certain addons in one and not/never the other and would have the room to keep adding new items without have to get a larger hd by just customizing what addons go where as they find they use them. Yes it was tilted more towards the idea that FSX would be second fiddle but only in the fact that it might be more of redundancy as most addons are seeing equal support. The idea of rebuying the same addon to move to a different platform never crossed my mind.
  3. I have a feeling you will find FSX isnt worth the hard drive space in a year or less as almost all the great addons have moved over. So have fun exploring and realize you might have a lot more available space later than you do now
  4. LDPL Pula Airport My first.

    The student is becoming a Master. I would of bet money this would of been a Jarrad project but knowing he usually makes the first post of introducing the scenery before others provide screen shots was wondering who talents were on display. This scenery is a long way from 05S in the amount of coverage and detailed objects. Bravo young Master of the tech brush and the same for Rasha, a developer I am still learning about.
  5. Fresh off the Paint Line is this great repaint of the N263MC DO228 operated by Bighorn Airways as a charter on demand outfit specializing in aerial drops and smoke jumpers among many other things. Something to make Alex proud of at his version of KWYS. Compare the screenshot with the real photo inserted. Now a better look. A big thanks to FSE member Bruce630622 for this great repaint!
  6. Vernonia, say it with flowers ! - Vintage -

    Very nice collection of stills.
  7. This has nothing to do with ORBX but.....

    Back in the early 90's I was in Italy and there was a news segment called Unspoken or Untitled or something like that. It was just video footage from news sources and they would put up text to where the footage was in the world but gave no description of what you were seeing. Would let the viewer make their own impression of what they were seeing. I really liked it. It was like a look at what was happening in the world but without being told what to think of it.
  8. Opera House Cup 2017

    I battled with the song used in this video as one of the words in it used a few times has an adult rating. However, I really like the song and how it scores the video. In the end, I thought that since I'm making the video and its for me and all I get out of it is the ability to share my creation, I'm keeping it. So that said, PG-13 rating with the sound on, G rating with the sound off
  9. Almost Prepar3d

    With the release of the Flight1 GTN series and Orbx providing beta airports, I am almost ready to switch to v4. I've leased it since it was released but have done very little with it. A few test installs and quick flights to see the installs work but really no flying. Mainly because I am waiting on Flyinside for v4. Once that is out, I am in...v4 that is. However, I did my first real flight in v4 last night from KJAC to KIDA in the Texan with the GTN 650, Ultimate Traffic Live, Active Sky and FSE. It was a great flight and while it is very much like v3, I know in the back of my mind I am not worried about a CTD and really enjoyed the smooth flight. I'm in no huge rush to jump into v4 but I certainly hope once summer is over and I get back into flying almost daily that it will be in v4 all the way.
  10. Dont remember seeing most of these helo pads in the PNW
  11. Jarrad, thank you for the informative post but whats up with those trees near the water in the last pic? They look like they are covered in snow like they are winter trees? Oh yeah and the Dynamic Lighting looks amazing. Nathan
  12. KSBP San Luis Obispo

    Dear Orbx Developers, Take a consideration look at KSBP San Luis Country Regional airport. This airport offers a few nice items that seems to fit Orbxs' portfolio when it comes to scenery. Additionally, this airport also seems to be a hotspot of activity on Pilot Edge. Now one cant say for certain if its more XP or P3D/FSX, but there is usually always traffic at the field. Looking at it from a features point of view, it has a nice field layout with even those runway over run safety ends. Outside the fence line seems to be also very friendly to modeling and lastly its a nice tidy package area where the town ends in a way that the valley area could be done with a nice ending point going from photo real to SCA. Food for thought.
  13. ATC

    Thats why I am upgrading my hot air balloon to IFR this week.
  14. ATC

    Pilot Edge for ATC.
  15. I'm planning an A2A North American tour starting in Homer Alaska. I will pick various A2A planes for the various legs and fields I will be departing and landing at on each leg and visit my collection of addons as I tour North American. Down the West Coast, then over into Texas. There are a few good airports by other developers I will also be using before heading up into the NorthEast for KBID and KBHB. My trip will end just past Meigs as I finish in the Twin Cities.