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  1. I would like to be able to free up some space on my C Drive by transferring my Orbx files on to my D Drive. I am therefore wondering if someone could help in describing, in simple terms, the best and reliable way to do this. I am not a PC wonderkid so a simple explanation would be very welcome. Many thanks in anticipation. Michael
  2. Thanks Nick. I have not tried yet but if the discount is automatically applied then that is great. Thanks for your help and compliments of season to you. Michael
  3. I already own True Earth GB South and if I want to download Central and North through Orbx Central how do I receive the current discount offer price if I buy them both at the same time? Would welcome confirmation please. Michael
  4. Thanks for your reply Nick, I think I know my way around FTX Central but I cannot find any Help section-I am using version Will this help section be anywhere else within my PC in some other file? Michael
  5. HI Nick, Seasons greetings to you too. Sorry to be a pain but where do I find a copy of my central.log file in FTX. Michael
  6. Hi Nick, I have True Earth Great Britain South in my FTX Central which I purchased some time ago so the scenery is currently showing Not Installed under my Europe section of FTX.I then click to install it by clicking the icon Install Product version 1.10 and get the message Downloading but all I then see is the following; Status Paused Speed OB/s Progress O B / O B download Remaining 00.00.00 I have never had an issue previously in downloading any products through FTX but for some reason this download remains in a Paused state. I trust this might explain my issue. Would welcome further observations/thoughts please. Michael
  7. I am trying to install TE Great Britain South through FTX central but the continual status shows as Paused and although above it shows downloading nothing actually happens. Help would be appreciated. Michael
  8. Thanks Nick,so what you are saying that even if the EU products remain installed and active the TEGB products will be the ones that show up and take priority in the Sim,therefore there is no conflict of interest. I think clarification of this will clear this matter for me. Michael
  9. Thanks for your reply Nick. What I am basically saying is that if I install all 3 True Earth Great Britain products and use them then is it better for me to uninstall all my other EU scenery products as I would be using the new 3 products instead. Just need direction lion that is all. Many thanks, Michael
  10. Do we need to uninstall Enland EU product and then install the True Earth products. Many thanks. Michael
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