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  1. What is the policies when I have a lot of ORBX products installed under FSX and want to migrate to P3D. In other word not use FSX anymore. Can I use the products i have purchased. (FXT global, vector, EU LC, Norway .....). Rune Andersen
  2. Great work. Its been on my buying list since Tore released the first shots som time ago. Have much harddisc space do I have set aside in august???
  3. Thanks, its on my hardisc allready. Just waiting for Narvik. Keep up the good work with Tore
  4. Great video. Does anyone know which type of aircraft is used in this video. I would like to buy it. Tore???
  5. Just waiting for the release. Can anyone or Tore say something about that. The airport will be shut down on a couple of years so near future release is a "must". Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I am waiting for the release and download. This airport will be shut down in a few years. So its time to get the product airborne??? In June this year. Rune
  7. I can't wait to get this masterpiece on my PC. FTX Global and Norway is on my harddrive already. Just waiting for the announcement? Rune
  8. I can not wait to get it on my harddrive. When is it expected to be released? Before Summer. Rgs Rune Andersen
  9. Hello Ben. The link to FTX Central V2 is not working.
  10. A friend of mine wants to purchase FTX Norway. Is the New FTX Central Version 2 included when you download FTX Norway. So that the patch (for Norway) can be installed trough the New FTX Central. Otherwise : In which sequence should the Products be installed. FXT Norway + patch + FTX Central Version2/Library. rgs Rune Andersen
  11. Hello. I installed Trees yesterday with the New FTX Central V2 installer. Do i need to download the New Library to from 31. march 2015. Rune
  12. Hello. I tried to install the 1.15 but Norton Firewall will not let this update install. I even stopped Norton for 15 minutes but the patch will not install. Anyone else who has the same issues. Regards Rune
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