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  1. Thanks for getting back to me Graham and John! Much appreciated. John, you were absolutely correct! For whatever reason was the only the cvx in AU Australia v2\Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery active but the AFCAD itself deactivated. Having activated both again restored the lush autogen vegetation. I do own you a virtual beer (or tea). Thank you!
  2. Guys, I know. I am terrible. Sorry for bringing up something again. But I guess it is just a small hick-up that slipped in with the extensive 1.1.0 update. But the autogen trees around the hotel and terminal area are missing with the newest version of Brisbane. Autogen is set to maximum and P3Dv5 is running on the latest hotfix. Moreover, I verified the files in Orbx Central.
  3. Good Day dear Orbx folks! As one of the users who have been very vocal about some issues with the release version of Brisbane v2, it is now time for a sincere thank you! For me, the new 1.1.0 update has significantly improved the points that bothered me about the release version. So I would like to thank you for listening to us and apologize for being such a pain in the back. Christoph
  4. No, unfortunately I could not determine the cause for the Envshade problem. However, with more than a hundred payware airports is YBBN the first that is giving me such a problem. Thus, I am not sure if it Envshade is the one to blame here. Regarding the service pack I was referring to an update of Brisbane. Some weeks ago I read in the forum that this is in the works. And frankly speaking is this desperately needed. The modeling and the textures of the building is lovely. But the quality control, the attention to the ground layer and other major features do not live up to the Orbx standards
  5. Are you using Envshade? I can see the same on my PC too. Just have a look at my video at the beginning of this very thread. But at the moment we can just hope for the service pack to show up.
  6. Guess you are right, Harry. Flickering of black patches on asphalt textures: Disabling Envshade and using default shaders does remove the flickering of the black patches on the asphalt texture. But they reappear as soon as Envshade is installed again (Enhanced Atmospherics deactivated, as I still use the legacy mode). That's the first time I see Envshade interfering with one of my add-on airports and I own far too many of them Layering issues of taxiway lines: I think this issue is not related to Envshade. Even with default shaders the lines are vanishing if I approach them. My vid
  7. Not a bug but looking a bit strange: Is there any reason why the ground lines are so jaggy? YBBN is a flat airport and the taxiways are straight. A straight line drawn in Google Earth will perfectly align with the taxiway lines. My screenshot of taxiway A is done with zoom but the jaggy lines are also noticeable in the normal VC view. And, I think that the ground textures could benefit a LOT from more weathering. The wear and tear is missing, there are no cracks and patches. But maybe it would already help to increase the contrast between the different concrete areas a bit, as you have i
  8. That a new sim problem that came with v5 (maybe even v5.1) and needs to be fixed by LM. There is a longer thread running at the P3D forum and LM even issues some cfg lines. However, the proposed fix does not work. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=140885 And yes, I get the same problem at YBBN v2. Just tried it with the PMDG 747-8. But I am afraid Orbx can't really do anything about it. You could only try in the AFCAD to add an apron surface for the bridges in Airport Design Editor as a temporary fix.
  9. Thanks for checking the problem John. The cameras.cfg should be changed by Chaseplane but that's about it. Moreover, I checked if it could be related to the FSPXAI models, as older versions triggered a problem with the z-bias. But the flickering does also occur without any AI. Thanks David, that's a good idea. However, I tried it before doing the video and it did not make any difference. From what I can see is it nor related to a bleed through of default ADEX surfaces.
  10. Yes, a big thank you for the upgrade and for not forgetting P3D. The discount is very generous for a basically new developed airport and v2 does look great. But I do also see a lot of layering fighting. This is with AUSv2 and YBBNv1 was uninstalled.
  11. Thank you for the new preview @Eugene Krikunov It does look great and I am very much looking forward to OLC Asia. My sim experience would not be the same without your and Orbx's Global / OLC product line.
  12. Hi David! Mountains and default ATC don't play well together. For LOWSv2 I needed to include a fake ILS with a turn, as AI would otherwise not reach the airport (i.e. always approaching too high and going around). The problem is that any ILS approach is prioritized by default ATC and, hence, also offered to you as user. In such a case you should use the "standby - select another approach" function, which will then offer you all approaches. I have included the RNP Y and RNP Z approach with the corresponding transitions for LOWSv2. For any other questions feel free to check out our offi
  13. Wonderful! Thanks for your fast reply Teo. :-) And if you need any further help with the AFCAD just let me know. I am doing the AFCADs for Digital Design and have also done the AFCAD for the latest MK Studios EFHK Helsinki. More than happy to help you if needed. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again!
  14. HI Teo @Teo Gerovski! First and foremost a huge thank you for bringing this freeware jewel to our sim! It's a fantastic scenery. I know that Jean-Philippe @Jeepee , a known and experienced user of AIG, has done an AFCAD for your LWSK that is perfectly adapted for AI and online flying. Maybe you can get in touch with him and use it for the scenery? "Nav aids are also modified to included the steep 3.3° ILS slope, and the deletion of the DME (ILS procedure is based on the DME reading of 'SKJ' VOR)." https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=35450.msg351208#msg351208 The A
  15. Thank you for this preview Ed. OLC Asia does look very good and I cannot wait for it. This easy to miss preview hidden in this thread was a nice surprise to get the week started.
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