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  1. Hi David! Mountains and default ATC don't play well together. For LOWSv2 I needed to include a fake ILS with a turn, as AI would otherwise not reach the airport (i.e. always approaching too high and going around). The problem is that any ILS approach is prioritized by default ATC and, hence, also offered to you as user. In such a case you should use the "standby - select another approach" function, which will then offer you all approaches. I have included the RNP Y and RNP Z approach with the corresponding transitions for LOWSv2. For any other questions feel free to check out our offi
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for your fast reply Teo. :-) And if you need any further help with the AFCAD just let me know. I am doing the AFCADs for Digital Design and have also done the AFCAD for the latest MK Studios EFHK Helsinki. More than happy to help you if needed. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again!
  3. HI Teo @Teo Gerovski! First and foremost a huge thank you for bringing this freeware jewel to our sim! It's a fantastic scenery. I know that Jean-Philippe @Jeepee , a known and experienced user of AIG, has done an AFCAD for your LWSK that is perfectly adapted for AI and online flying. Maybe you can get in touch with him and use it for the scenery? "Nav aids are also modified to included the steep 3.3° ILS slope, and the deletion of the DME (ILS procedure is based on the DME reading of 'SKJ' VOR)." https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=35450.msg351208#msg351208 The A
  4. Thank you for this preview Ed. OLC Asia does look very good and I cannot wait for it. This easy to miss preview hidden in this thread was a nice surprise to get the week started.
  5. Feedback? First and foremost thank you Orbx that you will finally develop OLC Asia. The release split in parts seems to be a good idea for such a big project. Also, early-bird purchases should be beneficial for both parties: You get a return of Investment, while we get your commitment to finish the project. And with the latest posts by PMDG and Leonardo it is clear that P3D is here to stay for my type of IFR flying. But please just make sure to finish part 3, as this is probably the most exciting part but also the one with most add-ons available already. And at the same time please do n
  6. Thank you, Nick. Orbx would be not the same without your support work. Have a lovely weekend!
  7. Found a needle in a haystack: Flying over the city of Meißen in Germany (near EDDC Dresden) with Germany North and Germany South active I found a small patch of morphing night textures. First, I followed the usual steps by Nick and Holger (i.e., a new lclookup.bgl, a new terrain.cfg) but I could not get rid off the bug. So, I reinstalled GES and GEN but the night textures remained. After fighting with this issue in P3Dv4 I tried to replicate it in v5 and could find the exact same error. Having still a fairly vanilla v5 with only Global, OLC and GEN/GES running (with OLC border blending un
  8. Hi Greg, hi Orbx, Jeffrey, the SODE developer, kindly allowed me to beta test the new SODE 1.70 during the last weeks but just after release I found small incompatibility with the wonderful Glacier Park airport and SODE 1.70. It totally slipped through on my end and I am sorry for not informing you earlier. But it should be a rather simple fix: The new SODE version will be stricter with environment/weather-dependent SimObjects. The airport configuration requires an “EnvironmentalDataProbe”simobject. Without the EnvironmentalDataProbe, no environment/weather-dependent SimObject will be di
  9. Urmel enhanced LIEO with his AFCAD https://jcai.dk/2019/12/Orbx-lieo-olbia-costa-smeralda-airport/ and I think he also fixed the jetway problem by moving the parking positions away from the terminal.
  10. Hi Raz, Hi team. Your Vienna was an airport that I was very much looking forward to and your rendition does not disappoint. Thank you for the lovely add-on! While testing out the scenery I saw a minor glitch with the animated ground service equipment: After the animation loop is finished, all vehicles come to a full stop and remain static for some time (maybe a minute or two?) before the loop restarts again. Thanks, Christoph
  11. Yes, Vector is installed. And you are right, it could need some improvements. But at the same time it looks very good in Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, and so on. In the end, It is a question of source date. For me, Vector is one of the most essential add-ons and I would not want to miss it. Back to topic: Many of the fellow users here already have OLC Africa. Maybe somebody could post a similar shot from Lomé? I really begin to wonder if something is off with my installation. And to add something positive: North Africa and Egypt look very nice. Great improvement there.
  12. Hi Orbx, Let me first thank you for giving us OLC Africa. It was my most look-forward-to add-on (with OLC Asia) and I bought it instantly. As one who never been to Africa (well, only to Tunisia), I am unsure if I simply imagined Africa in colors that have nothing in common with reality or if something is a bit off? So maybe somebody with travel experience can clarify on this for me: I always imagined West Africa and East Africa to be more green with lush vegetation. There is of course a dry and a wet season at most places. But right now it looks a bit strange in the sim. Uganda, DRC,
  13. Hey Nick, Thank you very much. That is very much appreciated and also that you made my post from the Review Forum visible again here. And just do make it clear: I like the scenery itself very much. Matteo has done a wonderful job with Olbia. So I do not regret to have bought the scenery for a minute. After all, we got a extensive update 1.05 that further improved the scenery and thus, it would be unfair to attest Matteo a lack of commitment here. He is a developer who is always improving his sceneries (just think about KSAN v2 ) and I do look very much forward to Burbank. So it is just t
  14. Nearly one week passed and there is no reaction here yet. I cannot say that I find this support encouraging after I even tried to help and narrow down the problem with a video. So if anybody is facing the same problem: The AFCAD coming with the scenery is the culprit here. The parking spots are too close to the terminal and prevent the SODE jetways from docking to user and AI aircraft. The parking spots need to be moved back to make the SODE jetways functional. Further, I am bitterly disappointed about the whole way you handled this support issue. Nobody from the develo
  15. @Matteo Veneziani, Thanks for chiming in here. First and foremost I want to say again how much I do like Olbia. Yes, the aircraft in use is the PMDG 737. I tried the same with the FS Labs A320 and there the jetways work. However, they do never connect with the AI traffic (SODE's AI detection is active, all aircraft have correct EXITS defined in the aircraft.cfg). I could also observe some anomaly with LIEO. Using the TAB+S Sode menu will result in an error massage (that probably also prevent AI docking). However, the jetways do connect with GSX. So something seems to be buggy. I also
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