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  1. Ok I'm glad it's flying ok, and yeah it may have to do with this being your first add on aircraft, perhaps try undocking the fsx window, positioning it in the centre of your monitor then full screening again. Perhaps when you exit after that your screen will be ok... Just a stab in the dark mind you. Also yes, orbxlibs should be the last thing you install. It will overwrite no problem if you have the latest installed anyway.
  2. First go to "edit my profile" on the RH side of your profile page, then "signature" on the left. As for your specs, you should be fine so long as your GPU is of similar level. I'd say you should try re-downloading the file just in case. When reinstalling delete the Lancair folder from sim objects. Also are you using any fsx.cfg tweaks?
  3. Hmm ok can you please post your pc specifications? That may be helpful.
  4. Ok but I think your better off sticking with it. Of course the manual has nothing about loosing part of a window because that's not been reported here before. I recommended the manual to help with your flying difficulties. As this addon is a few years old and has sold extremely well the only thing I can suggest is to disable any third party addons that may be causing a conflict. Then if you don't have the problem anymore reintroduce them one by one until you find the culprit. You really should stick with it and have a go cos this is a very popular and unique aircraft.
  5. The manual is placed on the desktop when the installer is run.
  6. Open your fss downloads list and re-download. I doulbt the exiting issue is the problem however since the lancair was released some years ago. As for the lack of elevator authority please pay careful attention to the published speeds. Below 80 kt on the ground you won't even be able to raise the nose without a significant amount of back trim. Have a carefull read of the flying guide in the user manual for tips and recommendations on how to get the most out of the aircraft
  7. Actually the Lancair triple installer is on my to do list. We did an internal beta some months ago but there were some compatibility issues. I'm just finishing 2.1 patch for the RV4 then I will be working on a little update for the Lancair.
  8. You can share tips and stories in the Pilots lounge or General section. This section is for developers and support personel to interact directly with customers on specific issues. That's not to say we don't look through the other sections but keeping all support on one section makes it easier for us to monitor.
  9. I read a few threads about the difficulty in painting the rv because it is high definition. Most paint editors cannot edit it for that reason. I may do a few more if sales improve.
  10. Ok yeah then it is most likely in the maintenance interface. Check your oil and perform an overhaul: shift+1 menu then maintenance.
  11. It's also importaint to make sure the "Loggerx" module installed properly. To check follow these instructions. 1: Open the following folder: FSX: C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX or P3d: C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 2: Check for the presence of the filename: dlleditRun.txt 3: If it is not present the executable wasn't called correctly from the installer. This is a known issue from v1.0 that has to do with permissions settings. You will need to run it manually by double clicking the file: AddLoggerDllXml.bat It's
  12. Yeah I'll check this evening but it may be that the draw distance between the click spot polygon and instrument light polygon is too fine. Occasionally if it is less than a few fractions of a virtual millimeter the 3D engine will draw the light polly in front of the click spot polygon blocking the click spot function.
  13. Ok Added the zoom issue to the list of fixes for v2.1 The mouse clicks were all re-coded in an attempt to improve frame rates on the GNS430 between 1.1 and 2.0 and looks like this little bug slipped through.
  14. Ok so I run a lod rad of 4.5 on my lower end dev system for full fat regions. The system in my signature is my testing system and was purchased to be as different branding and chip wise to my dev system as possible for diverse testing purposes. I run a little higher lod on this system due to the 580 but not much. Can you please post your system specs? I might be able to make some recommendations.
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