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  1. Nice work with TE Washington: Cheers, Rob.
  2. Me too, the other possibility is that another 3rd party product wiped the entry or uninstall restored a backup version that was created before Orbx entries were added ... many possibilities ... BUT, what was very odd is that OC doesn't appear to check for the entry at startup and/or during the "Verify Files" process ... it's a critical entry. Cheers, Rob.
  3. UPDATE: Confirmed that was the case ... the DiscoveryPath entry got removed. To resolve it, bring up OC, goto Library section, edit library, make no changes, hit Save. This will re-create the entry in Add-On.cfg. Cheers, Rob.
  4. I have the same issue, all my Orbx content is no longer being referenced in the Add-ons.cfg nor in scenery.cfg ... no pathing reference, nothing at all. This entry seems to be missing? [DiscoveryPath.0] PATH=D:\Orbx\LibraryV5\p3dv5 TITLE=Orbx P3D V5 Main Library ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Tried to uninstall and re-install and verify files and still no go. This happened after the v4.1.8 update also ... or maybe some other add-on?? Attached my central.log that seems to think all is good when it's missing a key entry? Cheers, Rob. central.log
  5. I've tried several times to install and each time a get a different failed to extract count (sometimes 2 files, sometimes 3 files, sometimes 6 files). Tried another product install (NA Northern California) and no issues, so it's something specific to TerraFlora V2. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Think I found the issue Nick ... when adding and deleting libraries via Central it looks like the "delete" library feature left an entry in my add-ons.cfg file [DiscoveryPath.0] PATH=D:\Orbx\LibraryV5\p3dv5 TITLE=Orbx P3D V5 Main Library ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [DiscoveryPath.1] PATH=D:\Orbx\Library\p3dv5 TITLE=Orbx P3D Main Library ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false DiscoveryPath.1 is left over after a library delete via Central. Cheers, rob.
  7. Hi Nick, No corruption ... verified with UltraEdit including file format, sequencing is all correct also even with this error. To be noted it did correctly order everything per my selection. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Easier if I show the process to replicate by video (unlisted): Cheers, Rob
  9. In my case, not sure about others ... I plan to eventually delete my P3D V4 Main Library once LM have fixed ALL the issues with P3D V5 (there are MANY) and key 3PDs have full support for P3D V5. That's why I want two libraries rather than just one. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Hi Nick, Absolutely NOT vital, just letting you know. Agree can make a single Library for both P3D V4 and V5. Cheers, Rob.
  11. But what if I want a separate library? I understand "p3dv5" will get created for the existing library, but my issue was for a separate new library (create library). Cheers, Rob.
  12. Hi Ian That's not the problem, the issue really is the error message preventing library creation. What I think is missing is that OC doesn't take into consideration I've selected Prepar3d V5 as my current context. So the Library check for existing isn't taking that into consideration along with the hard code paths OC appends ... the p3dV5 dir. So OC see's that D:\Orbx\Library has a library defined, but it's checking D:\Orbx\Library and not the correct path to check using the OC appended "p3dv4" (hard coded) ... OC needs to combine the defined library D:\Orbx\Library + hard coded element \p3dv4 (D:\Orbx\Library\p3dv4) to determine if an existing library is present. The correct way, if it used my current "context" (Prepar3D V5 per 1st screenshot) it would take my Library definition D:\Orbx\Library + \p3dv5 and check against that and since that path doesn't exist, it would allow creation. So right now it's impossible for me to have the following: P3D V4 Main Library D:\Orbx\Library\p3dv4 and P3D V5 Main Library D:\Orbx\Library\p3dv5 I believe I touched on this issue before in another thread. I can work around the problem by using D:\Orbx\Library2 when creating the library for P3D V5. The p3dv5 sub-dir actually gets created on my first product addition (usually the Orbx Libraries for FTX global) not necessarily a restart. So in summary, the check for existing library needs to be aware of current OC context. Or the problem can be completely solved by not appending hard coded paths (i.e. p3dv4, p3dv5) for each supported context (XP, P3D V4, P3D V5, AF2, etc.). This would then actually make the library check existing work. I'm guessing these hard coded path elements were added because of migrations, but just a guess. Cheers, Rob.
  13. If I have a V4 library already defined ... i.e. D:\Orbx\Library (which has a sub-dir p3dv4) ... I can't create another library under D:\Orbx\Library as I get the following error: Since p3dv4 and p3dv5 folders are hard coded in OC, I'm not sure I understand why I'm not being allowed to create a new library (the two would be unique due to the hard coded p3dv5)? Cheers, Rob.
  14. AI will and and ATC will direct ... these seemed to bare out in some of my testing but I didn’t spend much time on it since real world SIDs and STARs are actually not used as much as people think (weather, winds, fuel, traffic, rule the day). I was hoping for more control via SDK so AI can be fully managed and be representative of what one commonly sees on flightaware or hears via liveATC.net. I haven’t had time to manually try and make complex aircraft work, not sure its possible given version checking and DRM, etc. The only aircraft I’ve been able to test are relatively simple ones like Carenado, tried A2A but just CTD. You’ll have to wait for PMDG, FSLabs, etc. to provide their own updates. Cheers, Rob
  15. Sadly, no ... that's www.liveATC.net tuned to KLAX tower. Cheers, Rob.
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