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  1. Just South of Adelaide airport I found this missing tile.
  2. 88 last count in January. Still flying (in my bedroom on the computer). Memory still works well (when I am awake).
  3. Hi guys, you are all just babies. I turned 87 last January, this year is the last one when I can still reverse the numbers. I luv yall.
  4. Does anyone know how long the server of the Flight Sim Store is likely to be down? Sent a number of emails asking them the same question but every time all I get is a new support ticket.
  5. I think the first "flick"t returns the gear selector lever to neutral, the second flick would move it to "gear down". It had happened to me too, that's how I know
  6. Of course you would not be Jack if you did not roll that thing.
  7. If anyone asks why grown men are addicted to flight simulation just show them these screenies, especially the last four. The answer is that "everything is possible".
  8. Just leave things as they are. I am very comfortable with January 26.
  9. Wishing a Happy Australia Day to all Aussie cobbers on the Forum.
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