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  1. I hope a fix is found soon. EGCB is stunning. Southern England really brings X Plane 11 to life. I did the download through FTX Central and direct download. Comes out without scenery - basically a google earth. Don
  2. I am not able to update freeware AI traffic. Hope that doing this post enhances that as am told need a post. Don
  3. I would like Victoria too. But to the standard of something like CYVR from FSDT or small airports from ORBX. I would gladly pay. And in the area CYPK - a perfect size for Orbx. Don
  4. Hi. Glad to hear you are on top of P3DV2. I purchased and loaded it last night and it is finally the sim that everyone would want; and for me; a simulation trainer for a student pilot, that gives real performance and offers real world sceneries for total immersion while training. I had P3D 1.4 and as good as it was , it suffered from the same 4G run out of memory problems as FSX, but had much better frame rates.. I finally wound up using P3D soley with ORBX, megascenery and other sceneries on FSX. Both systems still crashed. FSDT CYVR was beautiful with ORBX , but crashed out of memory with heavies.(PMDG).. So that other purchasers are not disappointed, it is important to note that I have a high end system that finally P3DV2 can utilize. I am running Windows 7 professional. (did my homework and do not recommend Windows 8. Have it on my lap top and this computers copy on the shelf.) , Intel ® Core i7 - 3770 CPU @ 3.5 GHz. (do not overclock), 32 GB of RAM on a 64 bit system and with TWO(yes TWO) Nvidea GeForce GTX680 video cards. All I have done so far is load the simulation with all of the sliders maxed out. As REX weather was already set up for use with FSX and P3D, it loaded seamlessly to my use with P3DV2.I have Global loaded. That is all so far except for the Alabeo piper and R66. They loaded fine. I went to CYVR and the sim gives 40 plus frames per second. At altitude about 25 frames per second. Water over second narrows , Vancouver is phenomenal. And I am sure that if I were to scale back a bit the frame rates would be much higher. Once you get all of your product sent over. I will go P3DV2 only. Too advanced to use the other simulators. Don Schlecker... I use Track IR and a 47 inch monitor.
  5. There is an update to make Fly Tampas's KSEA updated to FSX and include the third runway. You must own the FS9 FlyTampa KSEA to use this fix. Found at www.flightsimblog.com Don
  6. I am not displaying the runways and taxiways for these sceneries. But rather the generic ramps and taxi ways of the generic airports prior to installation. The rest is there; but those grey taxiways are on top of the scenery. When I loaded Australia I did get an exception error message and my UK2000 trees did not show in England. I obtained a fix for that from their site; but I cannot get the ORBX airports to display the proper runways, ramps and taxiways. Don Schlecker dons99@telus.net , any help is appreciated.
  7. After loading trees to the UK I get this error message and I see the problem may stem from a change in the autogen file by ORBX. Help. FSX will not load. Don Schlecker
  8. Will I be able to use my UK2000 airports if I obtain your England Scenery and airport and forego using Horizon scenery as it does not seem to support the ORBX England airports. Don Schlecker
  9. www.myflightsimblog.com will get you a patch to move the FS9 version of Portland you bought over to FSX and ORBX PNW. Don
  10. I have all of the ORBX products and each one I enjoy, The only area I do not have is Great Britiain for which I have UK2000 with trees and all of the airports. I purchased EGHR and it fits seamlessly into my UK2000 base except for the lack of trees in the EGHR area. I also run P3D from Lockheed Martin(commercial version) since I am a pilot. I will be acquiring the England base from ORBX since UK2000 does not load on that platform. There I will be able to compare the two in the next day or so. I would however like to have a fully treed version of EGHR in FSX. The FSX world is more comlete and has PMDG products.Anyone out there able to get that result. AND will ORBX fix that glitch for those of us who like their scenery, but are very satisfied with UK2000 as a base. Don
  11. Agree. Probably too may users.. I delayed REX to another day and time for speed. Several delays and tries with ORX and no let up. Don
  12. I am downloading ORBX BASE North America files for P3D - and location of server is not an issue. Speed is. I am in Vancouver and usually the European servers are faster for me. All of the available servers are running slow 175KPS. Don
  13. Why are your servers so slow. This was not an issue in the past.Have been trying to download P3D base files with little success at getting enough download speed. Don
  14. Question ? Will Orbx British Airports go with UK2000 sceneries..? Or will I be destined only to fly them in P3D which I use as a real world pilot in training. Don
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