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  1. or trueearth israel no need winter textures not so heavy scenes as europe
  2. hi, same you can see in the sky when look at clouds by night time, don't you? only two causes afaik, first is wrong gamma correction in driver/monitor, here must be driver, and second not good enough filtering, trilinear or 2x af, try 4x af and play with gamma correction settings in driver in driver settings can try trilinear optimisation off or use texture filtering quality - high quality(is auto disable trilinear optimisation), but this can drop performance
  3. very strange, hi, just check this out, both option work off/on about dirt runway is long time headache, much little airstrips use dirt textures instead greengrass, just today flight too coastal(83j) same - i can see accurate drowing airport, but strip is ugly lightbrown dirty, first i found it at some german airport, do not remember what exactly, after that i could see it here and there, and do not know what cause of this, i think i can live with that, so it is not problem, but would be nice change this dirty textures to green, i think at green ground it should be green and at dirty - dirty, but look like all little strip are dirty, i mean default strips, and 3rd partys strips, what use default textures, looking strange and ugly, i do not know much about files structure in fsx/p3d, so even do not know where to start for change it p.s. i can not see any problem with ylil, look http://4.1m.yt/yg56jKQ.jpg
  4. hi, i think you have to ask it ktex telluride's autor, lukla is scenery specially for create by him:) btw lukla nepal of aerosoft work ok, you just have to reload scenery befor landing there if flight from big distance, open world>scenery librarys>ok just befor approach
  5. global warming, people use x80 fermi and kepler in sli, that's cause.... dont' know much about amd, if people will not upgrade their pces, earth will die...
  6. hi, some ac is object, other - traffic, and 3rd probably use to be content without shadows, so if in shadow settings checked on all of them - traffic, objects, no shadow content so all ac will got shadows
  7. do someone know how to make tin foil hat? people can read my mind... same fsx 2006, but it was expected
  8. mountains/deep valley is not normal at all for flight, air there so unstable, what you need very powerful and stable engine for do that, but even for turbojet is not very good idea to fly there cool shots any way
  9. hi [SCENERY] AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=9500.000000 < this can be use max 12000. and this will use to be trees and lights generated at max distance, do not sure is work for fsx
  10. is have some cross with ozx lib and ants airport, so some compromissed there
  11. same place - planet earth
  12. hi, afaik only iceland demoversion is part of shareware europe land class, other freeware is independent stuff
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