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  1. or trueearth israel no need winter textures not so heavy scenes as europe
  2. global warming, people use x80 fermi and kepler in sli, that's cause.... dont' know much about amd, if people will not upgrade their pces, earth will die...
  3. hi, some ac is object, other - traffic, and 3rd probably use to be content without shadows, so if in shadow settings checked on all of them - traffic, objects, no shadow content so all ac will got shadows
  4. do someone know how to make tin foil hat? people can read my mind... same fsx 2006, but it was expected
  5. mountains/deep valley is not normal at all for flight, air there so unstable, what you need very powerful and stable engine for do that, but even for turbojet is not very good idea to fly there cool shots any way
  6. hi [SCENERY] AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=9500.000000 < this can be use max 12000. and this will use to be trees and lights generated at max distance, do not sure is work for fsx
  7. same place - planet earth
  8. hi, afaik only iceland demoversion is part of shareware europe land class, other freeware is independent stuff
  9. beauty is in the eye of the beflighter
  10. hi, is lighting was front of texan? (first one)
  11. -let's rock+n+roll -tennis balls away
  12. namesake! we are tallking about different things, if listn you, i'm retrograde, but i tallking without time abstractions, past or future, only about granted, we have some yet worked in p3d, something what works in fsx, something work perfect, something glitch, and something only visual good, so why i ask Alex Goof, how much from installers was reworked, and how much just add p3d part of installer(s), i love new installers, some of them for example do not have dll module, so is reworked in any way, some of them have new fresh performance, etc. so is beautyfull, but some of them stay same, so why devs has to give their time for nothing, just for user can install without port trick, so if say about perspective, i never tallk about how it should be, i just do not know, but if user can install perfect worked fsx/p1d/p2d addon to p3d, so why devs, have to waste their time to new installer? for wat?
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