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  1. Rosario, Thanks for the info; that makes sense. So it would be something like Townsville I take it. Had that been an option for YBBN, I might try it for the runways and taxiways. They seem a little "non-crisp" to me at times. I wouldn't want to give up the detail of the gate marking though. Martin, I accept the performance as it is. I know that in time (and hardware ) it will only get better. My only quibble is with the appearance of the runways and some of the taxiways. Of course I might try boosting my lod_radius before my next approach to see if that crisps things up. Best regards,
  2. I've been following this thread out of sheet curiosity, and I have to ask - what does "native mode" mean in this context? What would it imply for YBBN? Sorry for the noob questions....
  3. Travis


    Roger that; thanks Russ! You've dragged me away from PNW, but don't think that I'm complaining.
  4. Travis


    Hello, Would the detail map explain the difference between the two types of taxiway markings that I see - the ultra crisp ground markings near the gates versus the "not-so-crisp" GA taxiways and the taxiways nearer to the runways? I've tried adjusting my Aero settings and this is about as good as I can get the non-gate markings to appear: I'm using YBBN settings as per the UG, and I can get anywhere from 15-30 fps depending on what I'm doing / looking at. If it's not the detail map, is there anything else I could adjust?? (Currently wearing out the airspace between YBBN and YCDR....) Thanks,
  5. That's all sorted then; all of the eye candy does look wonderful. Thanks gents!
  6. Hello, I had noticed the installer reference library 100421 as well. My question is were they automatically installed, or did the installer drop them off somewhere for manual installation? I'm only asking because when I ran the 'products installed' report post-YBBN, the only libs mentioned were FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VERSION 091028 October 2009. I made 2 pre-dawn flights in from YCDR and was called to go-around both times - not that I'm complaining... I got a chance to look around more. I'm hoping to miss the breakfast rush later to see how things look in the light o'day.... Best,
  7. Meet the alpacas... ... an old red barn.... [img width=1160 height=690]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1267714228.jpg ... what's in the greenhouse??? [img width=1160 height=690]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1267670359.jpg ... back again safely. [img width=1160 height=690]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1267663603.jpg Stepping off the soapbox to make room for more photogenic views from others.
  8. Thx. Of course I took off before reading the fine manual. The last screenshot and these two were taken with a mesh res of 5m. The next ones will be at the recommended 2m. I switched to an ultralight and took off again. Saw this in the distance and decided to take a looksee.... Too bad there are no amphibian untralights in FSX. Would have liked to park in this nice cool shady spot. [img width=1160 height=690]http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1267714926.jpg
  9. Beautiful and silky smooth!!! 25-35 fps on my first couple of orbits. postimage.org is returning http500s so no screenshot for now.
  10. Congratulations! Well earned indeed. Here's to more success, this year and beyond.
  11. Both 1S2 and 7S3 downloads are back at FSS -- prepay apparently. I had budgeted for one PNW airport at release - and originally settled on Darrington since an in-law runs a DoItBest - but after a few turns around each area in PNW, I like the feeling of Stark's area.
  12. Thanks again Wolter. Everything was smooth as glass.... I made it out to the coast and picked the closest field - S45 - to land, thinking it would be a plain small strip like one I passed along the way. Not so much.... I was so impressed with the Tasmania demo that I bought the whole continent. I flew up the coast from Sydney, over to Darwin, then down to Lake Argyle in delight. And maybe it's because this hits closer to home, but I'm just floored by PNW. Hat's off again to the entire crew for a wonderful product. I look forward to many weeks ahead to explore the whole area.
  13. 1. Nice touch with the smaller bridges. 2. ORBX road traffic is finally on the right side! 3. Have I mentioned how gorgeous the countryside is? Here's hoping everyone gets things sorted ASAP... I'm feeling guilty in enjoying this....
  14. Awesome!!! Team, this was the perfect time to go flying - we're having some mild Pacific rains come through and the wx was wonderful. I threw a dart at the map and took off from KSLE - Salem; flew west down Highway 22 for a bit and then turned out to buzz through the fields. Everything looks ab-so-gob-smacked-lutely beautiful....
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