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  1. Thank you Nick, that did the trick and all is now displaying properly. Best wishes, Roger
  2. You can see the problem beneath the concrete slab (of an old hangar?) behind the Eaglet. Note there is also a chasm along the front of the slab which taxiing aircraft will fall into. FTX Global Vector did not correct this. However the rest of the airfield and surrounding scenery appears OK. Roger Lowery
  3. Thank you, Jeff. As this is the only ORBX scenery anomaly I have experienced in the move from FSX to P3Dv4 I certainly can't complain. In fact I think ORBX has done an outstanding job. I look forward to a fix but am not suggesting haste! Thank you.
  4. I Have almost all "Oceania" scenery installed in my P3Dv4 flight simulator. I also have all the appropriate FTX downloads including "Vector" which I use after any scenery manipulation. I am using FTX Central v3.2.2.8. Original Order No for problem scenery area is: FSS0005352. I could find no fault with any scenery until I placed a Grumman Goose at my favourite seaplane location some miles south of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Now there are land textures that cover some of the water asd these textures move with the aircraft when it taxis but disappear when the aircraft reaches a few hundred feet in height. I have used the P3Dv4 scenery library to disable Ants Aussie and OZx scenery with no change; but I don't think their scenery encompasses this area. I would very much appreciate your assistance with this problem Roger Lowery
  5. WOW! Thanks Tim. A testing I will go! I also wish to add my thanks to ORBX for the many years I have enjoyed simming in FSX and, now, P3Dv4. As a retired pilot, flight simming without the clarity you bring to the hobby would be pretty dull. Keep it up please. Many thanks to all, Roger
  6. I just downloaded and re-installed FTX Central (again) and it is still v3.2.1.1. It still only shows the six (freeware?) Oceana airports mentioned before but none of the others. It rightly says I own every product in Oceania. Frank, are you really saying that all of the Oceania airports are available now for P3Dv4 and that I should be seeing them in my FTX Central? Roger
  7. Hi Gents, You refer to having installed "all Orbx sceneries". Am I missing something? I have P3Dv4 installed and FTX Central v3.2.1.1. I have installed FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global openLC Europe, FTX Global EU Airport Pack and Orbx Libraries from the "Global Range". I have installed AU Australia, NZ North & South Island, Holgermesh Australia and YBLN,YCUN,YLIL, YMUI, YPLC and YRED from "Oceania". No other Oceana airports are yet available or shown in my FTX Central (and I have previously purchaced them all for FSX). Am I reading to much into your forum comments or have I made some mistake? Thanks, Roger Lowery
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