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  1. WOW! Thanks Tim. A testing I will go! I also wish to add my thanks to ORBX for the many years I have enjoyed simming in FSX and, now, P3Dv4. As a retired pilot, flight simming without the clarity you bring to the hobby would be pretty dull. Keep it up please. Many thanks to all, Roger
  2. I just downloaded and re-installed FTX Central (again) and it is still v3.2.1.1. It still only shows the six (freeware?) Oceana airports mentioned before but none of the others. It rightly says I own every product in Oceania. Frank, are you really saying that all of the Oceania airports are available now for P3Dv4 and that I should be seeing them in my FTX Central? Roger
  3. Hi Gents, You refer to having installed "all Orbx sceneries". Am I missing something? I have P3Dv4 installed and FTX Central v3.2.1.1. I have installed FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global openLC Europe, FTX Global EU Airport Pack and Orbx Libraries from the "Global Range". I have installed AU Australia, NZ North & South Island, Holgermesh Australia and YBLN,YCUN,YLIL, YMUI, YPLC and YRED from "Oceania". No other Oceana airports are yet available or shown in my FTX Central (and I have previously purchaced them all for FSX). Am I reading to much into your forum comments or have I made some mistake? Thanks, Roger Lowery
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