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  1. I use Freemake Video Converter ..... it's a snap. Open the video on the Youtube page you want to record and then open up Freemake Video Converter and click on "Paste URL" , select mp4. Caution ... when you install Freemake never never do anything like "Express Install". Uncheck all the garbage it wants to install and click on "deny" anyplace that comes up. Pretty simple after that.
  2. Oh Wow ... Very impressive! Beautiful array of colors and images.
  3. Excellent Benny ..... some nice perspectives that we don't usually get to see. Love your music! That was a lot of video .... thanks for putting it all together.
  4. Beautiful Robert. Lifelike ....soothing! I almost panicked when you said "This will be my last movie" until I gathered from comments that you will be building a new system. Guess I've been out of touch with the forum since my wife's knee replacement ( 1 of 2) and starting on the second one in a month. I don't know how you could improve on your videos ..... but I'm anxious to see. They are already premium.
  5. Super nice, great flight. Professional. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Great aircraft. Now I'll want to dust mine off. Thanks for posting those.
  7. Oooo Robert..... Just Super!! Greats shots and pans and all in my favorite colors ... blue mostly, and then green. Blue water, blue sky, blue airplanes ... well, one green. Loved it.
  8. Man ..... I am SO un-traveled ..... Maybe in the next world .....
  9. Absolutely beautiful John! Fantastic scenery, really gorgeous, great airplane (I want one), excellent flight, perfect blend of very nice understandable narration with appropriate background music, and boy does that sucker air-brake good!! Thanks for doing that.
  10. Loved it !! Great music too .... and I think I saw Julie Andrews on top of one of the peaks. I'm just beginning to understand the reason of the tones and gauges .... very interesting!!
  11. Hmmm ..... that would be a nice tool and good to have in one's toolkit. Is it an Extension in FF? Name?
  12. Ahh .... very nice. Haunting music too. Is the aircraft insignia Denmark??
  13. I agree ..... I had taken my 1955 Piper Tri-Pacer down into the canyon just enjoying scenery heading south until the canyon walls started closing in. Did an immediate 180. What is fuel planning ??
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