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  1. For the most part,radios,GPS and Annunicator panel are currently inop. Still working on perfecting the engines
  2. You had any luck with the cockpit gauges?
  3. While to ground textures of MSFS are decent they aren't really high resolution like TrueEarth.This is especially true in non urban areas where the ground is more of blurred texture than an actual photo. We need TrueEarth! So is there a plan to bring the products over to MSFS?
  4. Those aren't default clouds lol,where you get them?
  5. Flight Unlimited 3 was a far better sim than FS98 and FS2000,it's ATC system was good and for the time pretty ground breaking.
  6. Not sure how many will remember the sim, Flight Unlimited 3,but it was released 20 years ago and used Ortho Scenery to make a realistic state of Washington,now with true earth and XP11 we have its successor. I had to sub in the Citation for the Beech Jet and the Seabee for the Lake 270, but most of the planes in the old sim can be found for XP11
  7. Nice shots! I Flew a real one this summer to get some more Turbine PIC time. Fun airplane
  8. This is near right above Ranger Creek airport 21W, it looks like the image is missing or it was to dark when the image was taken. Thanks, David
  9. Nice shot and the Aerostar is a great bird
  10. The True earth stuff looks amazing!
  11. Now all we need is a good C-141,my dad flew them out of Charleston for 23 years.
  12. Ok got it fixed not sure which thing caused it to work but I deleted the file you mentioned then verified files.(I had tried verify before posting this but had no effect) I also installed an airport that had Objectflow and now the water looks correct.
  13. Its present here is a copy of my .cfg scenery.cfg
  14. I followed the instructions for installing with FSDT PHNL but I get this
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