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  1. @Nick Cooper Ok thanks, I wish you’d have posted this info sooner. I’ve tested adding them both ways and the issue remains. I’ll go complain on the MSFS/Asobo forum. Thanks again.
  2. Nick I don’t think you are pleasing anyone by releasing products that don’t work. And no, I haven’t contacted Asobo or Taburet. Their products work and don’t appear to be the issue. If this is to the contrary then please let me know and I will. So where does the issue lye??
  3. With respect Nick, I disagree. Nearly every Orbx product that I’ve purchased so far has had major issues from the get go. They shouldn’t be released at all in this state. I’d rather wait for better stability - it all feels rushed... If the issues are Asobo related and out of your control, then fair enough, but again, don’t release it and wait rather that kludging it. With an established sim with 1000s add-ons, sure, I completely agree. But it wouldn’t take much to test against all of the current ones - as the community has - the majority of which are your own. It j
  4. I still I’ll have issues with this airport. I get the loading screen hanging as per the op’s post. I mainly have Orbx sceneries installed but I do have the Taburet Shoreham airport too. If I remove that, it works ok. Which is very annoying as I bought both airports for a flight from EGTB to EGKA!! The patch yesterday appeared to apply the fix to the materials Library.xml file, however it didn’t fix things for me. This needs sorting via a fix and/or testing properly. Think I’m gonna put a hold on buying any more Orbx sceneries for a while as the last few have either been b
  5. Same here. Have seen updates for some Orbx products but not these as far as I know.
  6. There’s also no active ILS on either runway. There was on the default so I’m guessing it’s an Orbx issue. It’s a beta at best and it needs fixing otherwise I’ll hold off buying any further Orbx products. Hoping for a fix soon.
  7. Many thanks Nick. This seems to have resolved the issue with the error and I can now access FTX3.
  8. As the title says really - I'm unable to open FTX Central 3 having installed all of my scenery apart from Vector. I was attempting to download Vector when this message appeared and now I can't even open FTXC3. Log provided - also please see the attached error message. Any helps would be massively appreciated as I am now totally unable to use FTX or add/remove any further OrbX scenery. ftxc3.log
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