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  1. Same here. Have seen updates for some Orbx products but not these as far as I know.
  2. There’s also no active ILS on either runway. There was on the default so I’m guessing it’s an Orbx issue. It’s a beta at best and it needs fixing otherwise I’ll hold off buying any further Orbx products. Hoping for a fix soon.
  3. Many thanks Nick. This seems to have resolved the issue with the error and I can now access FTX3.
  4. As the title says really - I'm unable to open FTX Central 3 having installed all of my scenery apart from Vector. I was attempting to download Vector when this message appeared and now I can't even open FTXC3. Log provided - also please see the attached error message. Any helps would be massively appreciated as I am now totally unable to use FTX or add/remove any further OrbX scenery. ftxc3.log
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