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  1. I have tested the areas mentioned. In the first picture you can see the blank type scenery. But as Airbus pilot suggests, as you approach the area, it activates and looks ok. I only see this with Orbx Germany North activated. It is not so obvious to be if GEN is deactivated. Keith
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks, Nick that confirms my EU England is working fine. I do not know why there are those gravel pit sceneries I have shown when EU England is not used but LC is. Think I’ll just ignore them!! Best, Keith
  3. Hi, I have the Orbx German sceneries you mention. I will test them out Monday and get back to you. Keith
  4. Hi, I have recently updated to P3DV5 and am experiencing some difficulties with Jersey with and without UKScenery 2000. Fixes are well documented in the forums, but I have yet to find one that resolves this issue. I have Orbx Open LC Europe installed and Orbx England. Picture 1 shows Jersey default scenery no Orbx England just Orbx Open LC Europe. Visible are grey patches of scenery. Picture 2 has Orbx England activated with UKscenery 2000. The grey areas are worse. Picture 3 with Orbx England activated and with the file Channel Islands .bgl.off in the FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM fol
  5. Bradley, I notice in the background of your picture there looks like smoke emitting from the power station at the west of the airport. I do not have this in my EDDT scenery which I thought was a little strange and was going to send a picture to the developers. I did have it previously with AS Berlin Tegel professional. So, the issue of no power station maybe me, however, did you have AS Tegel installed previously and could there be a file still active causing you these problems? I should say I am using P3DV5. Best, Keith
  6. Just check the config files for these airports and remove them. So load Orbx central, select the airport from left hand side, then look for the configure tab and remove or add what you wish. Keith
  7. Odd. If you can see yellow jetways at C and D gates you still have some old jetways? If so, there are a couple of files needed to be removed. Have you tried restarting and rebuilding airport cache in GSX? Keith
  8. Hi Graham, They very much are there. If you had FlyTampa make sure you've deleted the Jetways from the Sode folder. In the Addons drop down have you checked Sode up to date and done a reload? Should be working fine. Keith
  9. Hi all, Regarding the FPS discussed, I too am finding the PMDG NGXu seems to drop my Frame rates to 18. I note Raz's comments which suggest what is happening to me is unusual. What is interesting is I have no problems with the FPS when I use the recommended settings for any Orbx sceneries including the very excellent Gaya Kos. The difference here for me (and possibly others, too) is I had the FlyTampa scenery previously. I have uninstalled it as far as I can see (particularly the old SODE Jetways) but I am wondering if there is a file lurking in the background that maybe having th
  10. Many thanks as always for the swift response. I’ve sent a ticket will keep an eye on the credit account as I felt obliged to purchase three more sceneries!!! Have a good weekend, Regards, keith
  11. Hi, Just a quick heads up in case there is an error with Orbx payment. I have just purchased LEAS at the discount price, confirmed by email. However, the full price charge had been made against my credit card. This has not happened to me previously when purchasing a sale item, I have only ever had the sale and purchase price discounted from my card at purchase. Can it be confirmed only the sale price will be taken from my card and the full charge is an error? Best, Keith Giannoni
  12. In fact you are correct. There are some 'Night time Apron Bus Rides' videos on You Tube by Moss Travel media which confirm your thoughts. I would put a link here but I think they have a copyright. Best, Keith
  13. Thanks for the quick response, Greg. Looking forward to a possible patch. Otherwise I'll just get the virtual passengers to hold hands in single file and feel their way to the terminal!!! Regards, Keith
  14. HI, Been waiting for this product since XPlane released. Congratulations for another excellent scenery and great value for money! I've noticed an issue with night lighting at Gates 7 and 8. I have attached some pictures. The two gate areas a completely dark which cannot be correct. The other areas have sufficient lighting. I have P3D v4.5. I have verified the files. I am running REX EF and SF, AS and my settings are as recommended as the documentation (HDR on). No such issues for me with say LGKO, EGNX etc. Best, Keith Giannoni
  15. Just thought I would fly to KOS having just bought it. You can see at 1535Z today the airport is rather busy with Vatsim traffic. That coupled with ATC made this a great first trip. Well done to the developers!! Well done Orbx! Best, Keith
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