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  1. Monster views there... the new sim certainly look s the part :) Great work! A
  2. I just had this twice as well, once after doing the file verify in Orbx Central... Exactly the same file, causes a lock up and crash... A
  3. I received an email informing me that TFDi is now on orbxdirect. Will there be a licence transfer capability for those who originally purchased the 717 from tfdi directly? Thanks in advance Andrew
  4. I had a similar issue with weird texture appearance over part of the airport. Removing xVision and doing an install check (starting the xp installer and running an update, which restored a couple of files, one of them a shader...) seems to have sorted the issue. There is something perhaps with shader modding, like that which xvision does (I had an older version running still, 1.25). Perhaps UWXP does something similar to visuals like xvision? A
  5. I have UWXP as well... got it as Version 2.4 and upgraded rather shortly after its release. UWXP does not have a weather injector like the NOAA plugin, FSGRW, xEnviro, or Active Sky XP... it can work with the default XP weather system or you can use another, like NOAA, FSGRW, or Active Sky. I use it with Active Sky. The cloud flickering I find is worse, and I also see some cloud shadow flickering that i have been unable so far to address properly. A lot can be altered with the sliders, however. A few settings, like "in-cloud puffs" can have a massive effect on performance, with FPS droppi
  6. Thank you for looking into this and seeing what I obviously failed to notice. I really wonder what destroyed my scenery.cfg ... I have never seen anything do something to the default scenery entries. One thing Indid notice with the install is that the scenery library entry point system has problems with the xml scenery installs, as it does not appear to see the entries that are greyed out in the list in P3D and cannot be moved... Thanks again, to both Doug and Nick Andrew
  7. Here you go Doug. Here ar 5 shots I grabbed last night. I slewed around to a few different points off the runway or viewed from the side of the aircraft. I have searched for a double afcad of some other scenery, but as you can see from the scenery.cfg, I only have a few other packages installed, namely European 29Palms airports... I am guessing it is something local, as there would have been many more reports of this on the forum if it were something on your end. I am just hoping I do not have to start over with a complete
  8. I am running a fairly recent install of P3D V4.4 and am slowly getting all my sceneries back installed. KEGE is installed this evening to have a play and noticed a really weird plateau effect as if whole airport is floating above the terrain. The issue had already been raised in the forum by two other users, (signmanbob had a similar issue I believe). I have tried all the suggestions. FTX Central is set up to place the scenery entries at the very top of the library. I have searched for duplicate afcad files and there are none, as I have almost nothing else installed other than a couple of the
  9. I came here to air the same issue. Thanks to Greg for coming in! This led to me completely reinstalling, as I was not 100% sure that the issue had not been caused by the transition from P3DV4.3 to V4.4... Looking forward to the patch. I assume it will be delivered through FTX Central now? A
  10. Thanks Nick for the reply. Now, if there were some way to tone down the effect , as I find it a little heavy... A
  11. Dear Support Team, I transferred my licence for KMBS from Turbulent to OrbX and installed KMBS on my setup (P3D V4.3) I like to use the dynamic lighting feature but I often switch off the dynamic lighting for airports, as it currently can up to halve FPS on my system. Is there any way of turning off DL in the KMBS scenery without switching it off globally. I remember this being possible through the Turbulent in-house control panel... Andrew
  12. You are going to have to provide the people here with a bit more information. What hardware you have, what your basic sim settings are and what you expect... Without that, there is little to suggest... A
  13. I know what you are saying Nick, but the way it is presented: "Untick FTX England Features for 3rd party compatibility," and then listing the 3rd party software is confusing to say the least. The problem is that people see the addons they may have and select the tick box, because they have the addon. The thought process that removing the tick actually enables the compatibility is actually the confusing step. The title should simply read, "Compatibility with 3rd party addons." However, your text solution is a good way of dealing with it. Your solution addresses the comprehensio
  14. Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but I am totally confused by this (and I work as text proofreader and corrector for technical and medical texts...) I am sorry Nick, but this is not well worded at all. The Earthsim/UK2000(?)/Aerosoft addons are not FTX features. For it to be generally understandable to everyone, including non-native speakers of English, it should be worded: Tick to allow compatibility of EU England with the following third-party addons: 1: X 2: Y 3: Z... The current wording implies that the various addons are ftx featu
  15. I am still having issues with the tapatalk app. I am on the "road" a lot these days and this is my only way to keep with news over here. Is tapatalk no longer supported? If not, what can I use to access the forum without having to go the webpage way, which really is not ideal on a mobile device... A
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