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  1. Hi Where can we find a kml file for Whasington and Oregon Aera ?
  2. Just 2 questions about Orbx central : 1) I don't want to use XML addons and I want to continue managing my scenes as I do now with FTX Central: is that possible? (I use Scenery config editor to manage my scenery config). 2) Nevertheless, I see that for ORBX Global it has an interest: that of no longer modifying textures, which would allow me to reinstall my open LC and global products. Is it possible to manage only Global as an XML addon?
  3. I would be curious to see the same 17/16 comparison at 1500 feet ok see it earlier ! Personally, I would like to be able to continue to have the choice between 16 and 17.
  4. Good lesson Steve, so i will do the same !
  5. Thanks @jjaycee1 it seems to do the job. I'm going to have to try to understand how it works! I have to admit that compared to P3D I understand a little less the logic . In any case, I understand that you shouldn't let Xplane do it without taking a look at it. Again thanks for your help !
  6. So Back at home Steve. Please find attached the Scenery_packs file. Seems to have a demo area but below TE Washington. Best regards scenery_packs.ini
  7. I will do that as soon as possible ! I don’t have the demo scenery neither other addon.
  8. Hi Just a question about KSEA : i've made a new install of TE Washington and at KSEA i have no building .... is that normal ? KBFI is ok and all the autogen seems to be ok everyhere except at KSEA .... Best regards
  9. .... Thanks Nick but Xplane 11.33 ... 35 .... ?
  10. Hello I have asked it on an other thread but that was probably a mistake (no support thread). It's probably written somewhere but what is the version for which TE Great Britain is qualified ? ok non bêta version but wich version ? Thank you in advance
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