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  1. That's why i ask ..... there is communcation about AFS 2 for a June release (Lowi ...) and no for FSW announced in may ...
  2. And what about the "Project D" ? is this one ? I've not read an official position about that new sim from Orbx Management. As the default texture will be orbx global ..... i'm surprise there is no communication : no informations about compatibility ? pricing ? sale model ? Perhaps i missed something !?
  3. Just look at your job now and really congrats : very nice views et fantastics colors !
  4. Probably need a repaint but didn't resist to fly quickly with it Have a good flight
  5. Some views from Bozeman by the end of day - C337 skymaster from Carenado - AS16 / ASCA Have a good flight
  6. A very nice tribute to Vlad. RIP.
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