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  1. That seems to have done the trick Doug, much appreciated. i no longer have FTX central installed so that should hopefully prevent other issues. Thanks once again.
  2. Hi my KTVL buildings are missing despite the scenery being being active in the scenery library. I have the KTVL scenery above the NCA library listings and OLC NA both being active since I flew from KSNA to KTVL and dont have SCA or vector. Orbx Library is above all these listings in the library. I have verified files and synced files in in Orbx central but still the problem persists. Can i get some support please.
  3. Hi Nick, just thought I would let you know unticking the legacy box causes issues again including rearranging the scenery library into a mess. Hopefully keeping it ticked won’t cause other issues... Cheers once again.
  4. Thanks once again for your help Nick. Cheers
  5. Hi Nick, Bingo that did it but it also screwed up my Orbx library order somewhat but have put it back to how it was. Do i still keep the legacy box ticked permanently now? Many thanks for your help.
  6. Legacy box was unticked the whole time....appreciate your support.
  7. No go Nick same message as before. I have of recent times had some issues which i had thought was resolved in regard to folders becoming read only, could this be the problem? I also tried disabling my AV....
  8. I tried that Nick for no change although I get an error message saying Error: An error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator. Using 4.1 of Orbx Central. Please find attached Central log file. central.log
  9. Here you go Nick, I can see the YPLC folder in my Orbx AA area. No sign of it in the scenery.cfg? scenery.cfg
  10. Hi Nick as mentioned i opted for the default P3D4 folder as suggested if unsure.
  11. Hi Everyone I installed this afternoon Port Lincoln through the new Orbx Central however it looks very much like the AU2 version of the airport and there appears to be no sign of it in the scenery library. I asked for it to be installed in the P3D folder when asked and I verified the files in Orbx Central yet no sign of it anywhere. Can anyone help me please?
  12. That’s great news, I have been concerned developers were stopping developing products for P3D because of this sacred cow MSFS that is apparently coming. No one knows what will be required to run it yet or if it actually is such a quantum leap forward at this stage. At the moment it’s just marketing hype....
  13. Hope this may become available in P3D4 at some stage...?
  14. An Orbx version of Charlestown International would make this scenery a lot more saleable imo. Just like an airport in the Orlando area. Until there are options,these must be low volume items for Orbx. All I can do is urge them to develop some airfields in these regions.
  15. I’m seeing the same as John unfortunately. I am however using the older FTX Central. i do already have the fix that John directed me to.
  16. There doesn't seem to be a box to tick in the control panel for it Nick. There was with other sceneries I have but not this one and verified the files and it says its up to date?
  17. Hi I recently purchased YMEN and upon installation noticed many elevation anomaly’s muchto my surprise with AU2. Afterwards I searched these forums for a fix and found a flatten file that “fixed it” but it’s a pretty ugly “fix” for my newly purchased airport. Is there work being done or have I missed a more permanent way of addressing the issue? The way it is I believe is not up to the ORBx standards that I would expect from them to be honest.
  18. A post from Nick led me to install a file that wasn’t supported in FTX Central which is what I use.
  19. Hi I recently purchased KMRY and TVL plus NCA in the sale. I did a flight today from between these airports and noticed a number of elevation issues. First KMRY taxiing for RW28L there were taxiway lights floating on my RHS but not the left - any ideas? I had more severe ground height issues at KTVL however. Larger plateaus and dips in the taxiway surface near the main terminal. As mentioned I have NCA installed but don't use vector. I did a quick search for KTVL files in my Orbx folder and notice there are active ones in the NCA folder. Should this be the case if I have KTVL payware installed? Shouldn't these files be in my NCA folder be inactive?
  20. Very disappointed aboutOLC Asia and feel a little mislead on the issue....
  21. Hi Everyone at one stage I thought I recalled the YBRK Rockhampton was in development. Am I mistaken as I can’t seem to find any info. Also wondering if Jarrad decided YPPH is a go as there is another product out there available. If it is then I will give the other one a miss but it is a hub that would be very helpful to me. any info would be appreciated.
  22. Thanks for the link, was interesting however I am trying to determine what are the pros and cons of using a TE region as opposed to a “full fat” region and vice versa. i can’t really find anything definitive about it? Thanks
  23. Hi Everyone I have not really followed the recent scenery developments from Orbx but I have AU2, NZNI+SI, LC Europe and NA plus sceneries within them to suit. i also have a number of competitors airport products up in the PNW and NRM region including CYVR, KSEA, KPDX, CYLW and CYYC but never invested in PNW or NRM regions. iIwanted some advice on the differences, pros and cons between going with region based scenery v true earth and vice versa. Can someone help me understand the differences in what to expect? I understand TE doesn’t yet cover further north to include CYVR and CYYC which is a negative from my point of view but perhaps these areas are coming and the new development of TE might work out better. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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