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  1. Thanks for the link, was interesting however I am trying to determine what are the pros and cons of using a TE region as opposed to a “full fat” region and vice versa. i can’t really find anything definitive about it? Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone I have not really followed the recent scenery developments from Orbx but I have AU2, NZNI+SI, LC Europe and NA plus sceneries within them to suit. i also have a number of competitors airport products up in the PNW and NRM region including CYVR, KSEA, KPDX, CYLW and CYYC but never invested in PNW or NRM regions. iIwanted some advice on the differences, pros and cons between going with region based scenery v true earth and vice versa. Can someone help me understand the differences in what to expect? I understand TE doesn’t yet cover further north to include CYVR and CYYC which is a negative from my point of view but perhaps these areas are coming and the new development of TE might work out better. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Everyone I would like to plot where all available Orbx airport and scenery boundaries lie on Google Earth. Can someone possibly point me to where I can download them? I have some NA airports but not regions and would like to know what goes where... Thanks
  4. In that case I will wait....thanks for the advice. Can’t wait for my home town scenery. Cheers
  5. There has been a release by another developer of YPPH. While not up to Orbx standards, it would definitely be better than nothing. There have been some hints here but unless we can get some clarity I may be forced to pick it up as a bird in the hand..... Does anyone have any additional info?
  6. Hi I was wondering if the Reno, NV area in covered by The Northern California full fat region? Thinking of getting it along with another developers Reno scenery. Thank in advance, Bluey.
  7. Nick can i have an official email address to send these images too. I am uncomfortable trying to post the images and details in public? I have the whole email photographed in several pieces.
  8. Hi Guys Thanks for your help but it wont let me send you images of the email I have taken. Very frustrating to say the least. Any suggestions - i have the long email as several images.
  9. Hello I tried have submit a validly purchased AU SP3 DVD for crossgrade which has been rejected despite paying the administration fee to do so. I have not been informed of the reason for the rejection. I am unable to fit the purchase email image (only accepts an image) in 1 picture. I would attach the original email but it wont uploaD IT. I have multiple images showing the full text of the purchase from pc aviator - can somebody from Orbx please help me?
  10. Hi Everyone I have switched almost everything across to FTX Central V3 except my original AU which i purchased on disc and run fine in FSX. Now the P3D V4 is out I would like to make the switch across to the new P3D product. Can i get some information on the progress so we can transfer our AU DVD licence so we can use FTX central V3.2 to install it in P3D. Many thanks
  11. Thanks for the clarification Nick and great to hear that i can port it over to a later version of P3D if/when it moves to a 64 bit program to help eliminate OOM's. Cheers Tim
  12. Thanks Nick i saw that but is my fsx purchases also valid for any P3D product if i choose to change across?
  13. Hi I have numerous FSX products by Orbx including 3 in the sale today but will swap to P3D V4 if it is a 64 bit programme. If that is the case, will i need to repurchase my products or will they work with a new P3D installation as well? Thanks Tim
  14. Ok tried an install of the DVD AU regions only to get an error message C:Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games \flight Simulator X\\ORBX\Scripts\FTX Central\FTXCentral.exe Manually went to my Orbx folder in FSX and tried to run the FTX Central with the following error message Could not find part of the path C:Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games \flight Simulator X\\ORBX\Scripts\FTX Central\Regions There appears to be no regions in the FTX central folder just the application launcher which fails. What can i do now?
  15. Thanks Doug Will i have two control panels one for AU scenery and one (FTX Central V3) for the rest?
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