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  1. Good day, I have been upgrading to P3Dv5, and reinstalled my FTX Global range of addons (except Vector) via teh Orbx Central (4.1.7 here) All working fine so far, but I see that I still have an entry into my scenery.cfg with Title=FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT (...\FTX_OLC\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT path). Is this folder still necessary into V5? Thank you in advance
  2. On a vanilla P3Dv5 Installation: Changed: P3D4 KL2 -> P3D5 CKL2 P3D4 KV4 -> P3D5 CKV4 New (added): CAS2 - Moose Lake (Lodge) Airport - in real world, close to CBE8, Moose Lake (Lodge) Water Aerodrome CJK2 - Gunisao Lake Airport - in real world, close to CJW8, Gunisao Lake Water Aerodrome Still under old ICAO: P3D4 MXA4 - Estacion Aeronaval, Tulum - still in P3D5, although ICAO was changed to MMTU, now Tulum Airport in Skyvector
  3. Thank you so much. I had also installed your previous vector fixes. This is really great work. No, I do not regularly visit Scotland, I just found the trouble when visiting a recently installed airport scenery for EGPN... Anyway, you made my day! Greatings from a confined parisian
  4. I assume that some reference to your Orbx products (and other addons) installed would probably help... Can not replicate here (P3Dv4.5, Toposim mesh, Orbx Global Base + Vector, and no add-on for this part of the world) Just my 2 cents...
  5. Would also think about such left-over from the default airport, but not knowing how to get rid of the unneccessary terrain... Stock EGPN without Vector Would Now adding Orbx!VECTOR_CVX, then Orbx!VECTOR_EXX, Inserting APT, FixedAPT and OBJ has no effect on the above display... Excluding "specific" airport backgrounds flatten maskclassmap autogen will just allow display of the landclass instead of the background, but still excessive terrain... even if using (as herebelow) the Tim van Ringen EGPN airport Have unfortunately not sufficient knowledge to rework terrain / water parts or bodies to modify the coastline, or delete that terrain rectangle... :-( Blue skies
  6. Nick, thank you for your speedy return. Will chase further. Can not remember having an EGPN addon active at present time. I have been testing a 3rd party FSX airport there, but meanwhile removed all relevant files (apt, cvx, gp and obj). Must figure out where this terrain misfit comes... Blue skies
  7. Sorry if duplicated, did not find previous on same topic... Just wishing to install some 3rd party thingie there, getting difference between P3D4.5/Vector and aerial picture... Blue skies
  8. Not sure (about my memory)... But a long time ago, probably my FS9 or FSX times, I think having read that some water surfaces altitudes were hard-coded into the sim, putting some lakes into trenches or on mesas when using a third party mesh. There was at these times a small program allowing to change the water surface altitude, where you had to plot the contour of the water surface in upside down view, then changing the altitude, but so much time ago, that I do not remember the name. I remember I did change the altitude of a big lake in southern South America, but that was such a lengthy task that I did not renew the experience... Anyway, enclosing same view under P3D and Toposim payware mesh. The small lake is somehow higher than the bigger one, but not as drastically... Blue skies
  9. How are you starting the Vector config tool? Double-clicking on ..\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe? Or from a shortcut on your desk? I do have that type of problem when starting the tool directly, but when starting FTX Central, then selecting Settings, scrolling down to Tools, and selecting Configure FTX Global Vector, the tool knows where my P3D is installed... Mystery... Hope it helps
  10. Testing somehow more... I created a shortcut to start the AEC Configurator. This is where it finds no simulator just after the first run. Now going to FTX Central Settings, scrolling down to Tools, and selecting Configure FTX Global VECTOR, I have P3D in the simulator field...
  11. Sorry, pretty sure this has already been asked, but did not find so far... Upgraded to latest P3D version recently (uninstall + clean reinstall), reinstalled FTXG Global, HD trees, and ORBX Libs, moved the newly created ORBX folder content to the "delocalized" folder I am using since months, and created back the symbolic link. Just today, after installing new scenery, I attempted to run the AEC Auto-config, but getting no simulator in the selection window... All was working well before my P3D upgrade, so I assume my setup was clean. I did uninstall Vector, then made a clean reinstall, could run one time the AEC config and save my profile. After some few scenery additions, run the AEC configurator again, and mention of the simulator was gone... Can not figure how to make Vector "know" where the simulator is located... Sorry for my "noob" mistakes... and thank you in advance for your advices. Philippe
  12. Running here P3D v4.4.16.27077, and saved the original install before registering it dem302.bgl here is dated may 24, 2017, with a file size of 101 Mb (106 941 332 bytes) No dem duplicates on my system apparently... Blue skies Philippe
  13. Nick, thank you for your return Hereunder some screen shots with/without Vector (all Vector entries activated or deactivated into the scenery.cfg) No Vector Vector No Vector Vector No Vector Vector Just hoping it helps... Blue skies Philippe
  14. Hi Doug, Altitude was 1555ft, if I read correctly from the original picture... Will have to try with Vector deactivated. Hereunder some more pixies showing the straight shorelines
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