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  1. Nick, A huge thank you for your fix / patch! The issue is gone. But you made me jealous, man! As I already encountered similar issues at a few airports, I made various attempts to understand and duplicate your patch, using ADE, (which shows clearly the closed runway into the P3D5 stock airport) and chasing for, and reading again, the tutorial on how to delete an airport, finally succeeded. Your fix has been the spur that made me crazy, until I found the right sequence in deleting, excluding and creating again. My hat down, and my thanks for this teaching, but also for the variou
  2. Nick, Further to you post, did check my system, discarding first the three Orbx!VECTOR_P3D5_xx files, then activating them back, but one at a time at each attempt. The scenery with which autogen trees but sometimes also buildings appear (on my system) on runways, taxiways, aprons seems to be Orbx!VECTOR_P3DV5_EXX (...\Orbx\FTX_VECTOR_P3Dv5\FTX_VECTOR_EXX). Blue skies
  3. Nick, First of all, sorry to access back this thread so late. Thank you for your feed-back and testing. So far, I will keep Vector active, as well as the few airport corrections I did to exclude autogen at these places. I further noticed at some of these airports (stock, or modified to exclude autogen) that the buildings included into the airport itself were floating slightly above the surrounding ground. I will check later official airport altitude against simulator, and try extending the flatten exclude autogen polygon. All the best to you and thank you for your assi
  4. Nick, thank you for your return Nearly all my installed addons are inside my signature. I can not remember discarding or deleting any core file. V5.0.31 was a clean install after removing all and everything from the previous version, the FTX addons were reinstalled completely as well as the Freeware airports. Further updates were installed as described by the v5 Hotfix correct install post... My only additions are * inserting an entry (My Addon scenery) to use it as insertion point, * a full set of simple waterdromes covering Canada, which I c
  5. Running here latest P3Dv5 version. I have been using the post "Installing a P3D v5 Hotfix correctly" to upgrade from P3D v5.0.31 to P3D v5.1.8, then 5.1.12. Had the opportunity to join various MP flights into the Philippines with my VA, and faced autogen issues on some of the T&G or destination airports... See my post on LM forum (During our last flight, I could see that the trouble was also occuring at RPUN) Same issue on these flights was also reported by an other simpilot, also using P3D v5.1.12 and FTX Global Base. My own understanding (just a roo
  6. No other word! We just NEED that LC! Go on, guys. The 3 areas option suits me perfectly.
  7. Running here P3Dv5 latest version. All Orbx FTX Global files installed into Orbx Library, on my F:\ drive Vector ON = runway 13 starting above water (some terrain missing on this side when checked against Google Maps) Vector OFF = runway 13 starting over terrain Blue skies Vector ON: Vector OFF: Google Maps:
  8. Thank you, Nick Was having some (sight) hard times with the standard colour when inappropriate (colourwise) images in the background! You made my day. Have a good one too!
  9. @Nick Out of this topic, do not remember how to change the colour of the information displayed on the screen (at the 4 corners)... Any indication? @Tooting Please feel free to post on LM forum Blue skies to both + all!
  10. I do confirm... This is a huge whole tile! but not landable... the amphibious is floating, not on wheels Screenshots from P3Dv5 with Orbx FTX Global and OpenLC range of products (no Orbx vector in my P3D5) Landclass? Vector? other? If not Orbx issue, I guess it would be worth reporting it to LM Forum under Scenery Development Questions Blue skies
  11. Good day, I have been upgrading to P3Dv5, and reinstalled my FTX Global range of addons (except Vector) via teh Orbx Central (4.1.7 here) All working fine so far, but I see that I still have an entry into my scenery.cfg with Title=FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT (...\FTX_OLC\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT path). Is this folder still necessary into V5? Thank you in advance
  12. On a vanilla P3Dv5 Installation: Changed: P3D4 KL2 -> P3D5 CKL2 P3D4 KV4 -> P3D5 CKV4 New (added): CAS2 - Moose Lake (Lodge) Airport - in real world, close to CBE8, Moose Lake (Lodge) Water Aerodrome CJK2 - Gunisao Lake Airport - in real world, close to CJW8, Gunisao Lake Water Aerodrome Still under old ICAO: P3D4 MXA4 - Estacion Aeronaval, Tulum - still in P3D5, although ICAO was changed to MMTU, now Tulum Airport in Skyvector
  13. Thank you so much. I had also installed your previous vector fixes. This is really great work. No, I do not regularly visit Scotland, I just found the trouble when visiting a recently installed airport scenery for EGPN... Anyway, you made my day! Greatings from a confined parisian
  14. I assume that some reference to your Orbx products (and other addons) installed would probably help... Can not replicate here (P3Dv4.5, Toposim mesh, Orbx Global Base + Vector, and no add-on for this part of the world) Just my 2 cents...
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