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  1. Jarrad, you did a great job! Any idea about compatibility with Aerosoft "Austria Professional X"? Regards Gerhard
  2. Hi Larry, I am totally impressed! That really looks great. Can't wait for the download.
  3. Cruising around Fall City

    What is that one called? Cheers Gerhard
  4. Skyrider approaching KORS

    What kind of freeware bird is this? Thks Gerhard
  5. A work of art.

    Question: Download at SOH. What does SOH mean? Rgds Gerhard
  6. 3W5 to KFHR, via WA56

    Thank you for providing me with the entire background Rgds Gerhard
  7. 3W5 to KFHR, via WA56

    Hi Chunk, I like Pic#2, a beautiful aircraft panel. Was even able to read the German placards in detail. But I couldn't figure out the aircraft type? How come there is a registration mixture (D-EBFW / D-IBFW)? Greeting from Germany Gerhard
  8. I currently use Plan G version 3.0.6 and want to upgrade to 3.1.3. Any experience on how to proceed? Do I have to uninstall the old version (3.0.6) first? What about the stored KMZ files? Do I have to x-fer them to new version (3.1.3)? Assistance in this matter is appreciated. Thanks Gerhard
  9. Hardest plane to learn?