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  1. I Checked in FTX Central it says " This product is installed and up-to-date" but also "190601 dated 01.June 2019 is installed". That means I am still on the older library version and FTX Central does not allow an update on the latest version. Guess I need to switch over to ORBX Central for an update and hopefully for a solution. Do you agree? Thanks!
  2. Hi Nick, highly appreciate if you could support me further on with this issue. Thank you and have a relaxed weekend.
  3. Thanks for your reply Nick! would you suggest that I install the Orbx Libraries again via ORBX Central, which means I have to activate ORBX Central first? I have always performed each library update using FTX Central, but may be I missed the last one as ORBX Central is not activated yet. How can I x-check where, and if the latest libraries are installed? Thank you!
  4. I'm a FSX user! Suddenly all my ORBX Airport sceneries don't show any buildings anymore. Affects all region-, payware- and freeware airports as well as Misty Mooring Airports. Exception: Papua New Guinea, Tapini and Iceland Demo! I haven't switched to ORBX Central yet, because I was a bit insecure by the many problem messages, maybe this is the cause? Think that this has something to do with "Object Flow", but I don't get an error message. This post has also been issued in German Forum!
  5. Does anybody know if Windows 8.1 is supported? I would love to download this aircraft but there is a slight risk it would not work. The description does not mention Windows 8.1!
  6. Could not find this airstrip in the Avsim Library. Could you kindly provide more details (file-name)? Thanks!
  7. Sorry Nick, but I didn't figure out what exactly is the solution for this problem?
  8. Hi Nick, hi Tore, as I experience the same issue on Narvik scenery, but also on some other ORBX sceneries (CAC8), please kindly check my Object flow log below. I have FSX installed but it gives a route to FSX-SE, which is not existing on my PC. How can I solve this problem Module started: 2016-08-24 16:18:30.656 Module name: ObjectFlow.dll FS type: 257 FS version: 10.0.62615.0 Module version: / Scenery.cfg: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE\scenery.cfg Placement XMLs found: 0 Thank you Gerhard
  9. Hi Tore, thank you for your advice. I already checked, but I have the latest Libs version installed, should I install them again via FTX Central? I have also activated the moduleinstaller.exe, without success. Don't know what else to do. Thank you for your kind assistance. Rgds Gerhard
  10. I have just installed Narvik and experienced exactly the same elevation problem. Don't even have to add a Screeny as it looks exaclyt the same. In my FSX scenery file I found "ADE_FTX_EU_ENNK_elevation_adjustment.bgl"! I removed this bgl-file because I thought this was the cause for the problem, but after removal the same problem still exists. Any idea?
  11. Jarrad, you did a great job! Any idea about compatibility with Aerosoft "Austria Professional X"? Regards Gerhard
  12. Hi Larry, I am totally impressed! That really looks great. Can't wait for the download.
  13. What is that one called? Cheers Gerhard
  14. What kind of freeware bird is this? Thks Gerhard
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