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  1. Speechless.... and to think I was actually just saying to myself not to buy anymore new addons (got way more than I'll every be able to fly to as it is already). With that 40% discount and these screenshots, you've already convinced me to buy this on Day 1
  2. A M A Z I N G !!! Any news yet on a lower-LOD version with seasons?
  3. I’d go for the LOD14 with seasons. And probably purchase the LOD15 version as well for summer flights, but my primary preference is most certainly a LOD14 version with all 5 seasons. Thanks for your constructive listening to your customers!
  4. I know this is XP, but can I consider this to be any kind of representative of what I can expect for a future release for P3D?
  5. YEAH! More NZ!! Keep it coming! As a suggestion for a next NZ airport; NZAP Taupo Airport (and then please include Lake Taupo and Tongariro in photoreal). Great little airport with magnificent scenery. Did a tandem skydive from 15.000ft from that airport many many years ago.
  6. Just click that "RELEASE" button on your servers JV! . I want to hit INSTALL before I go to bed in a few hours
  7. Thank you very much Iain! Not in my wildest dreams I would have expected to ever see my birthplace and province to be detailed to such high level in a consumer flightsimulator!
  8. Beautiful shots! Can you please show some shots of the province of Zeeland? EHMZ is the local airfield. Thanks in advance!
  9. John said Netherlands gets released first for P3D.... then other platforms. With England TrueEarth it's XP11 to be honored first....
  10. This is just simply brain-freezing-gorgeous! My country in unequaled detail and quality! Love it and will be a day-1 purchase! If I may be so bold, @Iain Emms or @John Lovell, can you please share some screenshots of the isles of Zeeland (southwest of The Netherlands) and the "Abdijtoren" (aka "Lange Jan") tower and the Medieval townhall of Middelburg ('capital' of Zeeland and my birthtown). Would love to see how it's modelled in FTX Netherlands. Thanks in advance!
  11. Not sure if I would go for a photoreal version of Germany. First I'd like to build some personal experience with FTX Netherlands and besides that, having all seasons available would be a prerequisite for me. I share the concerns above with regards to blurries. I have a 7700k and P3D is on a 1TB NVMe M.2 drive and it still is possible to get blurries (not much though). Would hate it to have it worsened. Once released I'd have a wait and see attitude until I've read multiple reviews.
  12. This is just plain fantastic! Got tears in my eyes! Finally my home country gets the ultimate attention in my beloved flight sim. Day 1 purchase and if you need a Dutch beta tester just let me know!
  13. I JUST PEED MY PANTS!!! This is by far my biggest wish! OrbX Netherlands!!! As a Dutchman I can’t wait to fly over my Home country! NL2000 was good, but this will be heaven!!!
  14. That looks AMAZING!!! Can you please share your settings (PTA?) that creates such a realistic dark night? My nights are way to bright in P3D(v4).
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