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  1. Hello John, Thanks again! Great help. It works fine now. Did not knew about the shortcut and the TEXT settings of SODE. Have a nice day and stay healthy Regards, Ed
  2. Hi aagain John After restarting P3D, the Jetways are present. So far so good. However I can not operate them. Using ctrl+J. First thanks for your help in getting them visible. Is there a solution to move them? Thanks and regards, Ed
  3. Hi John, Ed here Thanks for your reply. All you suggested me to do was already okay. v 171, sSode registered and active and the ESSA_Sode present. I also verified the files of SODE in Orbx Central. Still no luck. Any other advices? Thanks and regards, Ed
  4. Hi there Please have a look at both attached images. You see an real image and an image from ESSA Orbx. I never noticed it, but the Jetways are missing. I use Essa for a long time now and did not missed it. For now I was wondering how these missing Jetways can also be present in Orbx. Can anyone tell how and or what is causing this please? Thanks and regards, Ed
  5. Absolutely sorry, Ban for my late reply It seems I do no longer receive email updates of answers. Just came here to have a look on anoher issue. Thanks and regards, Ed
  6. Hi there I am a happy owner of a lot of ORBX programs. Since a few days I noticed that ORBX has stuff from Old Prop. I am a Prosim737 user and I use their 737NG Flightmodel too. The information on this in ORBX Central gave me some questions. Can I use 737 Immersion too, or is it only availble for PMDG? Thanks for any reply Best regards, Ed
  7. Solveed, Nick I had to go into ORBX Central and Global Range/Vector/Configure/AEC. After this all came alive in the Library, but were unchecked. Ater check them one by one, all loaded nicely Thanks for your great support and bringing me back on track Regards, Ed
  8. Hello Nick This is hopefull. No errors anylonger and in ORBX Central all of my stuff is marked as Installed. But in the Library they are all gone. Is there a way to get all Sceneries back into the P3D library that you might know/suggest? For now, again you were a great help. Regards, Ed
  9. A very good tip! Nick The folder has been moved from the root in P3D to a folder called propdefs???. I will move it back and check if all will work again, also in the ORBX central, where at this moment all has to be install again Thanks for this. And I have never thought of it searching for it All the best, Ed
  10. You mean to be sure that all will be found and to remove it? Ed
  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for this reply It is completely vanished. It was in my P3D folder. Gone now,.. I realy do not know how this happpened. It looks like a virus. This is for me a reason now to remove P3D and reinstall it. And I install ORBX again. It is no longer reliable. Best regards, Ed
  12. Hello there I am a bit desperate right now. I am an ORBX FTX user for more years now. Never had this issue. An hour ago I exit P3Dv4. Now I started it up again, and I got lots of ORBX errors. Please have a look at the image. I have a lot of products. Global Range, Regions and airports. I have to reinstall all of them. That will take me hours and hours. Before I do so, can anyone of you tell me what might have caused this please. Thanks and regards, Ed Koorevaar
  13. WOW Thanks Nick! Have a look at the image. Iwould never had found your solution. Do I have to run the elevation configuration now again? All the best, Ed
  14. Hi Nick thaks for your very fast reply. Can you tell me how I can do this, please? Thanks, Ed
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