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  1. Great video Robert!! Love the filming as well as that sound track!!! Sure is a tad tricky to land at Hang em HIGH!!! (Well landing is not the problem, it's stopping in time before you run out of that very short runway and trying not to hit those "men in kites" !!) Nice job in your C170 STOL!! lol. Norm
  2. Thank-you and great job Sir Robert for the very nice and thoughtful tribute to our comrade. RIP Spud. Norm
  3. We flew together for a bit with a few other guys. He always had lots of stories and experiences that he shared. One of the neatest facts as it would relate to his hobby of simming, is that he was a pilot in the US Navy, flew Douglas A-1 Skyraiders from carriers early on the Vietnam war then later Navy Helicopters. He sure could tell some war stories. He could also convey the aircraft specs from memory as he told us about some of his real piloting experiences. RIP my friend. Norm
  4. Great video and pics FSRobert. Norm
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