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  1. great shot Carlos, sleep! I've done it in 3 hour mini sleeps since I was born apparently......
  2. I did wonder what the scaling did, my screen has that setting so should I run at 80% scaling?....still using my trusty old 1070....
  3. great shot, we have been having perfect weather for flying that to...
  4. great shots, I have there stuff in 3 sims now.....met them at Cosford a few years back, remember when we could actually visit sim events in person?...
  5. great shots there Iain, and we all know what your final shots means.......
  6. great shots there Gerold, thanks for the trip....
  7. Real life Martyn, I was based there in the 80's before the wall came down, really want to go back and see how it has changed....for me as a soldier in my early 20's it was a great 2 year posting......
  8. nice shots, I think I will miss this trip though..
  9. nice shot Martyn, can't wait to go back to Berlin, been a long time...
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