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  1. thanks everyone for the comments, especially the kind words.....been a very difficult holiday period for sure but even though I have not been on here posting, looking has really helped keep things as normal as possible....some very nice people about....thanks... I seem to be addicted to this Bus at the moment I must get out and use the new A330 I have.....
  2. P3D 4.5, AEROSOFT A320, ORBX SCENERY & ASP4/ASCA WEATHER....... My first proper flight of the new year.... ( things been a little difficult here with a family bereavement).....Easyjet flight from EGSS-LDDU, all went well until final few miles, I was supposed to overfly the airport and loop around to land on 29, however there were no restrictions in the flightplan and I was to low and the 'Bus' decide to spped up and climb, so we had a detour...... I really must study the charts I have access to, just a little rusty I guess.... hopw you liek them, I like the difference in the weather (ground textures)....
  3. nice shots, looks like a bit of fun but I might need the sick bag if I was in there...
  4. superb shadows on the first....
  5. orange, don't mind what color it is as long as it's orange, such a cheerful color....
  6. great shots, looked like a nice flight........mango?
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