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  1. Picked this one up in their 20 hour sale the other day.......just reinstalled p3d4.5 as I was having issues......running fine but not looking too good at the moment....anyhow just a few to share.....
  2. yeah I guess so, will look amazing when surface is wet...
  3. great shots, the scenery is fantastic...
  4. yeah definately agree some very nice shots you have there...
  5. nice, lovely shots, just did full reinstall but didn't put this one in, think I will have to revisit and install this once again......so many planes but so little time lately.....
  6. fantastic shots Jack, love the ones coming out over the stadium, great detail......
  7. great shots Jack, love the shine from the ground, guess I better go look for part 1 now...
  8. great shots, I particularly like the way the front edge of the wings is all worn....
  9. fantastic shots, great scenery and a fantastic variety of aircraft..
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