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  1. to me it looks like the area around the specific airport is in winter mode, I remember asking Nick about this last year when I bought TE but can't find his reply..hopefully he will come along soon......
  2. nice shots there Jack, looking fine in v5, for me it runs a bit quicker/smoother than 4....
  3. where are these shots? Orbx has snow in certain areas between specific dates unless you have TE installed, also some airports DON'T do snow....
  4. I understood it that if you bought and updated through Orbx Central all was good, I updated yesterday like that and it worked ok....
  5. great shots there Iain, clear and colourful, congrats.......
  6. as with XP because of the nature of so many free downloadable content there will be issues, some freeware devs are not as thorough as others and some don't update their products when the sim needs it to be done.....
  7. thanks for the positive comments....
  8. Thanks for that... I managed to find a website where I could put the grid in and work out where I was..took the hawk up and reflew over the area.. Jon I did a SIM sync.. verify files and now all is fine.. not a performance issue for sure.. anyway whatever the problem was it is now sorted and we have all learned how to get to a specific place within the SIM.. cheers..
  9. Jon this was taken today...vulkan in use but not had any performance issues... I did a verify files and checked XP was up to date.. I obviously now need to get to the coordinates to see if that fixed it... this is a recent reinstall of SIM and all add-ons..it looks like a complete square missing..any clue as to how I find where coordinates are?..my XP runs nicely at 36-50 FPS in most areas with real weather...
  10. this shot captured, coordinates top left, verified files and checked XP 11 is up to date.....is there a quick way to get back to these coordinates to check if issue is sorted? I am flying over Orbx TE in the sim...is this a missing tile?
  11. Over Orbx TE GB, Skymaxx and ASXP weather....more testing.....
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