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  1. latley I have been using a cheap payware program called A Pilots Life, you basically set up with aircraft you want to fly and parts of the world, you then get job overs and then a schedule comes up.......I am currently doing lots of Easyjet stuff around EU in Aerosft A320........it's very basic but I use Simbrief and Navigraph charys to plan and then during the flight I have Aivlasoft efb running......it logs my hours etc and when I want to fly in another part of the world I look at the jobs on offer......simple but gives a purpose and flys me into places I might not go....
  2. and I would be a Robin, unless it's odd shaped balls then I would be a Bear!!
  3. nice one, love the climb out shots...
  4. p3d4, Aerosoft A320, ASCA-ASP4, ORBX ground everywhere... using a program called A pilots life at the moment, has me flying jobs currently for Easyjet..... todays trip was a return leg from Dusseldorf to Gatwick.......using a mix of Simbrief, Navigraph charts and Aivlasofts EFB to flightplan, using SIDs & STARs......great flight and also my eldest daughter had a baby girl whilst I was doing it so today was very happy..........
  5. is similar to Aersoft A320 if you know that one........no auto throttle so a bit more hands on and watching your speed etc...EFB has checklists and you can set aircraft state from there to...also 67% discount if you had previous version...
  6. great shot, always wanted PMDG but so damn expensive....have cloudbuster in XP11 though,,.....
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