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  1. wain71

    Just one for your eyes

    oh yes, brilliant, so real....
  2. superb, looks fantastic, can't wait for release than I can go further north...
  3. wain71

    Just 3 .....

    very nice, time for a holiday by the sea...
  4. wain71

    The Need for Speed.

    great set of shots, fine aircraft...
  5. wain71

    All ship shape

    nice, busy waterways adds to the immersion, does it put the rights boats in the right areas?
  6. great shots, looks impressive...
  7. wain71

    Chilly dawn red nose

    brilliant shots, very atmospheric...
  8. very nice.....looking amazing....
  9. wain71

    Patagonia trip

    great set of shots, I really like the last one...
  10. wain71

    Orbx is just good therapy .....

    fantastic shots, all great but especially the first...
  11. wain71


    nice, very bright plane...
  12. wain71

    Low and slow over Cityscene Orlando

    yep looks very good....
  13. fantastic shots, look really good now, can't wait for this...
  14. wain71

    Siltez Bay to Bowerman

    very nice shots, love the metal....
  15. wain71

    first try xvision

    thanks all for the comments.......