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  1. Yeah I'm hanging out for the MSFS version. The P3D version particularly that of Brisbane city is pretty ordinary.
  2. Here are a couple of screenshots of the "proper" Sydney Cityscape. It sure looks a whole lot better that the MSFS default. Thanks again for your assistance Jon, it was greatly appreciated Cheers Paul
  3. Here are a couple of screenshots of Sydney Cityscape Jon for your information. Thanks Paul
  4. Hi Guys, I bought the Sydney cityscape yesterday and did the install. It all looks great except for the fact that the harbour bridge does not have a top or any pylons on each end. Any Clues thanks? This may have been covered in a previous post. Paul
  5. That's a heck of a lot of disc space W2DR.....SSD's amongst them? Condor
  6. Yeah I think you're right wolfko. I've never been into the consoles period. I haven't actually bought MSFS yet. Guess I'm hanging out for a while. Condor
  7. I hear that you can pre-order the new Xbox from 8am tomorrow AEST. I am wondering how many of you guys are going to take the plunge? Condor
  8. Well I will be buying it pretty soon some bugs and all....who cares!! Patches will obviously come out in due course. Paul
  9. Thanks again guys. I would gestimate that the new X-Box hopefully due out before the end of this year would cost in the vicinity of around $1200.00AU given it's specs.....I could be wrong but knowing Micro$oft...... I've never been a console player however the sim would look pretty good on a 65" 4K screen. Cheers Paul
  10. Thanks everybody for those valued suggestions. The $1.00 game pass would obviously be the way to go. By the way my system is an Intel i76700K (not overclocked), Nvidia GTX1070 (8GB) and 16GB ram with a 500GB Samsung Evo SSD. Thanks again. Paul
  11. Hi Guys, My computer would probably not run the new flight sim all that well, and I was wondering whether buying the new XBox due out this November would be the way to go. Cheers Paul
  12. Sam, What kind of cooling do you use on your system? Cheers Condor
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