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  1. My votes goes to Joe Dygan (Olbia Costa Smeralda). ... and Happy New Year everyone ! Richard
  2. In the main roles : Chicago landmarks (Drzewiecki Design) Stearman C3B (Golden Age Simulations)
  3. Wonderful pictures ! I like them all. Richard
  4. Hi TTM, Indeed I used Legacy Importer to transpose the Sterman C3B GAS. We talk about this utility on several forums (Avsim, MS Flightsimulator, ...). It is easily found by doing a search on the web with the words "Legacy Importer". Personally, I find Legacy Importer difficult to use because I do not have the required knowledge. First, the program transposes the model to MSFS format. Then it lists the problems encountered and it proposes to correct them with check boxes. This is where it gets complicated if you don't have the necessary knowledge to correct the faults. What m
  5. Golden Age Simulations c3b (P3D) transposed with Legacy Importer works quite well. Chicago landmarks by DD. Richard
  6. Thank you Karl. Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Richard
  7. Thank you for the journey Iain. Richard
  8. Hi Dadtom65, if you want to buy it, read my previous post. Richard
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