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  1. Thanks Nick. Since I have your ear, am I wrong that I should get seasonal changes with England EU? When I set to Fall, I get Fall in the U.S. (although still not sure about the trees) but it's always Summer in England's green and pleasant land.
  2. Sorry if I was rude to butt in, but my own earlier question seemed to be overlooked, and this seemed related. If you could take a look at mine, Nick, I would be grateful. Or perhaps I should re-upload my files in a new question. Apologies if this was rude of me.
  3. Here are mine. I have more than one problem. No seasons except summer in England EU, HD Trees don't look right, and drop-offs at the ends of runways (both default and add-on) after P3D.5.1 HF clean install (which might be a LM issue that affects others who made a clean install, rather than update. Please double-check to make sure my levels aren't messed up. scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  4. FWIW I don't have a "correct" layering of scenery in Addon Organizer, either. I think (hope) Orbx Insertion Point Tool has a method to its madness. However, since a complete reinstall on a clean OS with HF1, starting with Orbx products only, I have odd drop-offs at the ends of runways, even default ones. And I don't have seasons in England EU. Easily Baffled Bear
  5. Had Global Base, Vector. Europe LC, Trees, Buildings. Everything was okay. Then added England EU. Now I have garbage trees (although at least in fall colors) except in England, where I have proper trees, but it is perpetual Summer--not a colored leaf in sight. Standard insertion point Airports and Regions below lowest non-Orbx scenery. Then below that, Global stuff: Base, Trees, Buildings. This is nice stuff, but it frequently seems to cause problems on installation. In Southern Illinois, you can see the trees are quite colorful (!) although I seem to be flying over a mangrove swam
  6. Trees made a huge difference. I just picked up Buildings, and was surprised at what a difference they made. Let's face it, there's a lot of ugly default building textures. The last thing I want to see on approach is flat, featureless roofs and other eyesores. For a pretty unassuming product, this makes a significant difference.
  7. I'm not seeing haze quite so defined. Haze, yes, but a lot more natural. But I see someone else with the dark panel now. Guess I'll get used to using floodlights in the daytime.
  8. This is what I have now, with a third-party airport that Orbx doesn't make and just Europe. Court Line did not give their L1011 pilots any extra runway at Luton. It doesn't look bad at all, but England EU looks a little better... HF1 introduced weird drop-offs at the end of runways. I'm wondering if a mesh product would help. Also, I don't believe photo scenery has seasonal changes, which are nice. I'll take a close look at the products and see. You've really been helpful, Matt. Thanks for taking the time with an old baffled bear.
  9. Thanks. It looks like it would be worth picking up EU England although TrueEarth looks amazing for about the same price. Curse you Orbx for forcing such hard choices on me!
  10. Thanks! I just wondering if airports like EGGW got any enhancements, and what the real benefit, even small, would be with EU England. After all, I'm not always going to be at 18,000 feet (although I might be pretty busy much below that). Bristol looks great, and blends in fine. But I'm going to have to adjust my lighting. It's pretty psychedelic at night! Or, since it was fall, the brightly lit up red and green trees around the airport did put me in the Christmas spirit. Hate to pass on up on the deal for EU England unless it's just a wash with Global + Europe LC.
  11. No question which looks better in the second set, especially with the airport. And no question what Orbx makes everything look better than default by a long shot. Right now I must address an "all airports are on plateaus" problem with a fresh install of v5.1 HF1 (sigh).
  12. Have Global Base, OpenLC Europe, Vector and Trees, fly only jetliners, but enjoy being based out of England. I am assuming a couple of things: that if I pick up EU England and EU Ireland the OpenLC Europe LC will be overridden to reflect more accurately the respective style of the countrysides in a noticeable fashion. Is this assumption correct? True Earth looks nice, but I'm afraid it would be wasted on me. In other words, there is an advantage to owning the individual EUs in addition to the one for all of Europe, correct? I have UK2000's EGGW (home of Court Line!) and Edinburgh,
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