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  1. Hello, Thanks for your reply. If i understand i don't delete the P3DV.4 folder, i only desinstall the four programs ( academic, academic client, content and scenery and i proceed to a full install of P3DV4.4 ? I delete or desinstall Globase Base HD trees before ? or i run over the existing folders. ? Michel.
  2. Hello, i must desinstall P3DV4.3 and proceed to a full install P3Dv4.4. I use global base pack, global LC europe, global north america, global trees, global vector, airport pack, openLC mesh south america and orbx libraries. Is it necessary to desinstall all those parts of ORBX, and proceed to a full reinstall ? thanks for yours replies. Michel
  3. Hi Scott, all run without problem now. Do you think orbx staff can solve that issue with the frozen water ? Michel.
  4. Hi, wheras nobody send a reply , it seems i have solved that problem: unchecking frozen water in the global vector configuration, and operating a re-migration. Michel.
  5. HI, i have some visuals problems in flight with all planes. I see many black plates (patches) on the rivers and the lakes in all countries. I use P3DV4.3 , FTX global base pack, openlc Europe , North america,... Is somebody has a solution ? Witch is the origin of this problem. I have uncheck frozen water in the menu of global vector. Thanks for yours replies Michel.
  6. thank you Nick, i specify you than i had finally sucessfull installed openlc north america, after your reply and the recommandation of a member of the staff: a new install FTX central and use a manually download. The multithread don't work correctly. Regards. Mtlt.
  7. Hi, i can finally install open lc north america, and i would know if this extension of FTX global can coexist with openlc north america , alaska, canada. I intalled this one before north america. Thanks for your reply.
  8. HI, i had to uninstall openlc north america.(5846eadd457d9). I'ts now impossible to download it with FTX central exe. I try today but every time the download stop. What happens? If i want to download manualy it is 10 hours for that.... what's the solution ?
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