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  1. So the ORBX solution is i must wait 15 minutes watching a dark screen waiting for your scenery load????????? This is very disgusting. I have a very high end computer and a looooot of your sceneries, muuuch more complex than barcelona is and i have neeeeever (FS98, FS2002, FS2004, FSX and so on) been waiting more than 4 or 5!!!! This is the best ORBX solution? This is how a customer is attended? Thank you very much for nothing.
  2. I bought this scenery the first day after the release and i can`t fly it. I have bought from ORBX: - FTX Global - FTX Open LC Europe - FTX Trees HD - FTX Vector - England Region - Germany North Region - Germany South Region - Ireland Region - Northern Ireland Region - Norway Region - Scotland Region - Wales Region - EGHI Southampton Airport - EGPB Sumburgh Airport - ENNK Narvik Airport - ENNO Notodden Airport - ENSD Sandane Airport - ENSG Sogndal Airport - ESSA Stockholm Airport - LDDU Dubrovnik Airport - LDPL Pula Airport - LEBB Bilbao Airport - LOWI Insbruck Airport - KPSP Palm Springs Airport Now what could i more investigate? Where is the the support staff? You say there's nothing bad on your scenery, but, if it doesn't work in my computer (where all other sceneries works without fault), there must be a problem! Or you can guide me to solve this or refund the Scenery. Any more possibilities?
  3. It didn't help at all. I've tryied with those base files and with differents files but it didn't get better. Once deactivated almost 75% of the files then started to go faster, but then i don't have scenery. I've installed two more sceneries (Rfscenerybuilding LIPZ and Polish Sceneries vol3) and continue loading fine once i uninstall Barcelona Cityscene. Any more options?
  4. Ok, i think i didn't mention i have a SSD dedicated to P3D I have an I7 8700k with a Asus X Hero motherboard. I have plenty of sceneries and never i'v had this problem. The Warsow city with airport from DD its very heavy on resources but i never have this problem. It's something related with the Barcelona Cityscene. If your support service can't help me, i request a refund. Thank you
  5. As i wrote in the first post its not 2 minutes, its more than 12 minutes... This is not normal
  6. I've done everything you said in your post but the loading process still stops at 6%. What could i do?
  7. Thank you Doug for your reply. The P3D hard disk is excluded in the ESET antivirus, so i think that's not the problem. My computer: Intel 8700K, RAM 16 GB, Nvidia 1080ti, Windows 10 Pro and Prepar3d 4.3
  8. Good day, I have installed the last Barcelona Cityscene scenery and now i have a very slow loading scenery. I choose the aircraft and postion on lebl airport. It takes about 10/12 minutes on loading. With the scenery uninstalled the loading returns to normal and it takes about 2 minutes. I uninnstalled, reinstalled, but i cant fix it. What else could i try? Thx
  9. Great! I have some money to spend this weekend!
  10. Hi Mike, i downloaded directly from nvidia page. Uninstalled Nvidia software on control panel and i made a full install. It worked fine.
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