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  1. So the ORBX solution is i must wait 15 minutes watching a dark screen waiting for your scenery load????????? This is very disgusting. I have a very high end computer and a looooot of your sceneries, muuuch more complex than barcelona is and i have neeeeever (FS98, FS2002, FS2004, FSX and so on) been waiting more than 4 or 5!!!! This is the best ORBX solution? This is how a customer is attended? Thank you very much for nothing.
  2. I bought this scenery the first day after the release and i can`t fly it. I have bought from ORBX: - FTX Global - FTX Open LC Europe - FTX Trees HD - FTX Vector - England Region - Germany North Region - Germany South Region - Ireland Region - Northern Ireland Region - Norway Region - Scotland Region - Wales Region - EGHI Southampton Airport - EGPB Sumburgh Airport - ENNK Narvik Airport - ENNO Notodden Airport - ENSD Sandane Airport - ENSG Sogndal Airport - ESSA Stockholm Airport - LD
  3. It didn't help at all. I've tryied with those base files and with differents files but it didn't get better. Once deactivated almost 75% of the files then started to go faster, but then i don't have scenery. I've installed two more sceneries (Rfscenerybuilding LIPZ and Polish Sceneries vol3) and continue loading fine once i uninstall Barcelona Cityscene. Any more options?
  4. Ok, i think i didn't mention i have a SSD dedicated to P3D I have an I7 8700k with a Asus X Hero motherboard. I have plenty of sceneries and never i'v had this problem. The Warsow city with airport from DD its very heavy on resources but i never have this problem. It's something related with the Barcelona Cityscene. If your support service can't help me, i request a refund. Thank you
  5. As i wrote in the first post its not 2 minutes, its more than 12 minutes... This is not normal
  6. I've done everything you said in your post but the loading process still stops at 6%. What could i do?
  7. Thank you Doug for your reply. The P3D hard disk is excluded in the ESET antivirus, so i think that's not the problem. My computer: Intel 8700K, RAM 16 GB, Nvidia 1080ti, Windows 10 Pro and Prepar3d 4.3
  8. Good day, I have installed the last Barcelona Cityscene scenery and now i have a very slow loading scenery. I choose the aircraft and postion on lebl airport. It takes about 10/12 minutes on loading. With the scenery uninstalled the loading returns to normal and it takes about 2 minutes. I uninnstalled, reinstalled, but i cant fix it. What else could i try? Thx
  9. Hi Mike, i downloaded directly from nvidia page. Uninstalled Nvidia software on control panel and i made a full install. It worked fine.
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