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  1. Thanks John. I prefer P3Dv4 to XP11(tried it, didn't like it), so I am glad you are continuing with P3D.
  2. They should if they are running a proper business. I believe it is a proper business and not a not for profit org.
  3. Why pay full price for any of them? Just wait for a sale. I have every region and all FTX and I will buy both South Germany and FTX SA when they go on sale. Everything comes to those who wait.
  4. I never buy anything unless it is on sale. I wait for the sales and then buy what I want.
  5. LOL I ditched FSX after I switched to P3D v3. Don't miss it at all.
  6. True, and now Oculus is being sued to cease and desist selling the Rift, it could be a really long time for them if they have to go back to the drawing board and start all over.
  7. True, but the next version of VR should be much more acceptable with respect to the resolution. Version 1 is early adopter tech. If you are an early adopter type, can afford it and do not mind the the hassles of the growing pains of such tech,......go for it, If not.....wait, version 2 will IMO be more what the consumer release should have been.
  8. ...most are not. Go to Viperpits. VR is barely even mentioned. Its incompatible at this time. Same reason USAF is not using it for their pits. They need a solution to this problem...it will come some day. Its not perfect for everything and everyone yet. Perhaps someday when the things in JV's post come to fruition, but there will still be those who want physical switches not virtual switches..
  9. .....but we all don't. And there is an alternative. Some use real switches exclusively and never touch a mouse or keyboard. For those there is no solution with VR yet. Great for primarlily HOTAS and mouse users yes. Unfortunately, until a solution for this issue is perfected, VR is not going to be viable for pitbuilders.
  10. Thanks, in that thread there was a comment that points out that VR is image based VR vs pits which are physical based VR, totally different and separate forms of VR that will take a while to merge together. I also notice most people who say VR is fine for pitbuilders or will replace pitbuilding are not pitbuilders. Pitbuilders do not want a cheaper alternative to a realistic physical pit and they don't make them because there is no cheaper alternative. Its ok that they are not that into the visual and more into the physical. Both are legitimate forms of VR. They just don't go together well at this point.
  11. Correct, you are not a pitbuilder. Pitbuilders are one aircraft setups. VR is useless for pitbuilders. Go to a pitbuilders forum like Viperpits and others, they don't even talk about VR, All they want is replica parts etc. Doing a cold start in a modern jet in a pit with VR blindfolded would be ridiculous. For the average simmer, VR is great, just not good for pitbuilders or the USAF.......yet.
  12. Exactly! VR is great for you and many others. It just is not great for pitbuilders...yet. Most serious pitbuilders will not sell their pits for VR, for the same reasons the USAF will not.
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