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  1. The Out Of Memory error was the sole reason I dumped FSX for P3D. 32 bit FSX was totally unplayable with most add-ons including Orbx. I would never go back to FSX.
  2. Try uninstalling Lights configurator and reinstalling all Global Range products from scratch. Of course also rearrange global Vector entries after you are done.
  3. I was able to get rid of the black terrain by verifying everything in the Global range. Remember to also rearrange the order of the vector entries, they will be out of order again.
  4. Every time you do something in ORBX Central they will revert to the bad order. You will have to put them back over and over until they fix it.
  5. I did this: Click on "FSDreamTeam Honolulu Mode" at the top of the CS Honolulu control panel. This will make FSDT's airport fit exactly into the CS Honolulu. Search for the folder "Addon Manager" where your FSDT Honolulu is installed and rename the following 3 files: \Addon Manager\FSdreamteam\PHNL\scenery\cvx_PHNL.BGL to cvx_PHNL.BGL.off (deactivates exclusion and water polys which would interfere with our CS Honolulu) \Addon Manager\FSdreamteam\PHNL\scenery\PHNL_Terrain.bgl to PHNL_Terrain.bgl.off (deactivates a narrow strip of photoreal terrain at the border of FSDT Honolulu) \Addon Manager\FSdreamteam\PHNL\scenery\PHNL_Elevation.bgl to PHNL_Elevation.bgl.off (deactivates mesh – replaced by CS Honolulu data) Repeat the above 3 steps after every FSDT live update if necessary. I also put CS Honolulu underFSDreamteam Honolulu INTL I have this: This is supposed to be ocean to the horizon.
  6. I just purchased Cityscape Honolulu for P3D4 and it shows in Orbx Direct as not installed. When I try to install it it says there are no downloads available for this product. What is the problem here?
  7. +1. All the XP emails are annoying when you don't use XP. Especially when they are in the majority of emails.
  8. You need to dress like Vivian Ward and offer what she is offering.
  9. Classy hooker. They cost more. Maybe that is why she hangs out where private jets fly.
  10. I was wondering why there was a hooker hanging around the airport.
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