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  1. is anything showing on the desktop - do you have the chaseplane application there? If yes does it launch from there by double clicking. If not describe what happens as you try install. Brian
  2. Just logged on and got the latest update via ORBX (marked by yellow dot - and not updated automatically BTW) after which named presets ok BUT the UI button and several other display button (ie ouside view I have set to num * for example) could not be changed and were set as L- ctl Del. I did a erase again and reloaded from OldProp and all started to work OK. So seems to me that there is an issue involved when the format by OldProp presets were re organised to individual -per plane- formats. Just giving this as some feedback, not complaining at all. Brian
  3. just some feedback, I cleared all the presets using erase. Re-imported from oldprop vers and seems like the named presets started working again. Weird stuff. Brian
  4. OK against better judgement I migrated - first rule if it ain't broke.... Anyway presets appear ok but when named assigments did not and re doing does not work ie they do not pick up the assigned controller buttons (yes tried different controllers) BUT if you just assign specific button directly ie not using names then assignments work. Never had any issues under the VFX central Oldprop install. NOT impressed - can I go back to VFX central ? Brian
  5. hi desert pilot, 'Wondering, wouldn't future updates to Chaseplane be delivered only through Orbx Central?' currently updates come through automatically anyway. still cannot see what advantage to using ftx for this....... anyone got any answers? Brian
  6. what advantage is there in transfering a licence - I have chaseplane up an running no problem. why would I move the licence to orbx? Brian
  7. So the way I finally did this was open ORBX central - My Products sort / filter as you wish, then snip may require two or more pages. Take to a paint program and use a negative filter to change black background to white (to save on ink) and print or paste to a document. Or Print screen I suppose if you have lots of ink. Fiddly but works ok, still an option for another ORBX central feature Thanks to all for replies. Brian
  8. ok guys thank you, maybe a future feature for central app
  9. anyone know an easy way (apart from printscreen that is) to get a printable list of installed scenery? Obviously the list is available on the Central app but no capture or print function. Not a real big issue just a nice too have .... Brian
  10. Same here. Only started today. ftxc3.log
  11. No a big deal but there seems to be some trees growing out of the runway here. FTX global Vector has been AEC 'd only noticed this when loaded Europe LC on. Brian Brian
  12. To anyone who is intereted the Earth Sim is not compatible with orbx. The Casquets are where they shold be but do not show on the map wihin p3d - presumably because they re so small. There is no lighthouse, hih is a shame but hey, there are a lot of lighthouses in the world, you can't show them all. Brian
  13. does the earth sim version work with orbx scenery? Brian
  14. I know I am being picky here but the Les Casquets or (The) Casquets (49°43.′4″N 2°22.′7″W) is a group of rocks 13 kilometres (8.08 mi) northwest of Alderney do not show on any Scenery - I have orbx England - and was wondering if this is because they are too small? There is an air race out of Alderney in he Channel Is that uses the Casquets as a turning point. Brian
  15. having installed Freemesh X I can say it is excellent especially Africa and South America , in regards to Oz Honestly can't see a lot of difference fom holgrmesh, but Oz is relstively flat, so not too surprised. my opinion for what it is worth.......
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