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  1. The plackard shows that at a weight of 77 to 100 Kg there should be 15gp on the nose. What is 15 gp? I know that in the real Optica you hang weights on the nose or tail to get the correct centre of gravity but I've never heard of 15gp before..... maybe gravity position ?? I'm sure I am missing something here
  2. Thanks Nick, That's what I meant. Is this going to be a requirement for the duration of V5 do you imagine? Brian
  3. Is the Nick Cooper hotfix fix still needed, on the latest V5.1 Fix(19Nov)? Thanks Brian
  4. Same issue, not in developer mode, fixed with Nicks update. Haven't tried a restart yet....... Brian
  5. Sorry Graham, yes I have run verify files - no change. BTW in the Orbx Central app the Island is showing as Murray YMUI not YMAE for V5 P3D.
  6. Both YMAE and YMUI show up on V5 and yes the config is clicked for Aus2 (as I said earlier) both refer to the same location the only difference being that if you goto YMAE it puts you on the Runway (32?) but with YMUI it put you about 100 metres left of the same location which is in the trees. Now it is a fact that YMAE is now the ICAO designation for Murray Island but that is not what is showing when you download from Orbx for Murray Island rather it is YMUI. In the V5 P3D it offers both YMUI and YMAE/Mer. Also there is something weird going on 'cos the gps location is also incorr
  7. Hi Graham, Hmm... Interesting but it is showing as YMUI, I'll try the YMAE when I get a chance... but still the actual issue remains the goto sticks you in the boonies. Brian
  8. quick heads up in Aus V2 (ie click config with Aus 2 ticked) the default start posn is in the trees not on the runway. So if you do a goto YMUI it plonks you down on a hill in amongst the trees as against being on the runway. If you don't tick Aus 2 the elevation is all wrong but you are at the runway TO position :-) Apart from that it all works ok. Brian
  9. Turn on the beta atmospheric option on the graphics page in V5 and it, the blue edges, goes away. So is a P3D issue which they will fix in due corse I expect. Brian
  10. yep all good, just most others are done (thankyou) and this one wasn't.
  11. Just wondering if this one is likely to be updated for V5 or is there an issue updating it. Orbx has done a great job of most other Aust airports, but noticed that YSCH has not been updated as yet hence the question. Thanks Brian
  12. Yeah I know RTFM. Then again really intuitive software doesn't need a manual...... Just joking, don't flame me. Thanks Brian
  13. As they say you live and learn, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure C:\Users\user\Orbx library location pops up as the default option and is certainly the one I used. I've changed it now but I wonder how many others have fallen into this situation? Could I ask is there any one place where all this stuff about library locations and useage is covered (I have always just used the recommended and easy option when I installed Orbx software ie inside the P3D directory, mainly after all the issues when the Orbx central was launched). I look at the forums and pick up stuff but it is easy to
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