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  1. Both airports only have buildings no airfield (runways, taxiways etc) only background textures. The only scenery I have installed is Orbx scenery at this stage. Regards Brian
  2. Ok I have found where to select/create the drive for the installation. Do I now need to uninstall everything and reinstall or can I do a manual move? Regards Brian
  3. During the installation of the files into P3Dv5 I opted for the Main Library option. The installer however randomly selected a drive and folder to install the files instead of the drive dedicated to P3Dv5. Can this, and how do I rectify the issue? Can the files be manually moved to the correct drive? How do I prevent this from happening in the future? Surely allowing the client (me in other words) to select the drive/folder would alleviate these issues. Regards Brian
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