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  1. I discovered a post by accident and it seems that ezdok has been updated for use with prepar3d V3. here's a link http://www.simforums.com/forums/ezca-v1187-p3d-v3-available-for-download_topic53929.html. steve
  2. Hi I'm using mid range settings in P3d v3.noticing slow loading of textures and a bit of stuttering.looking at new system upgrade from I5 3570 3.4 o/c to 4.6 to this I7 4790 o/c to 4.6 I'm using a Nvidia 980 GTX 4mb so card is ok,bottom line ...is it worth it and would i see enough of an improvement to warrant spending £580.00. any advice welcome steve
  3. Your interest in history reminded me of a story i heard of King Harold inspecting his soldiers before the Battle of Hastings in 1066. he asked the 1st soldier ..What do you do.soldier says I'M an AXEMAN..harold says well you chop as many of them Norman heads off as you can.I will sir he replies he asks 2nd soldier.what do you.he says i'm a SWORDSMAN..harold says well stab as many as you can for me.i will sir he replies he asks 3rd soldier what do you do..he says I'M an ARCHER..harold says you better watch that you'll have someones eye out. steve
  4. Does setting that option give me the same trees as I would have if I bought and installed the FTX Trees HD product that I see listed as on the main page. In a word ...No.you have to buy them and then you can set that option.can't remember what i paid for them .well worth the cost though. steve
  5. No there wouldn't be as its a texture repalcement program it does look like global to me though. steve
  6. I'm not using win10.i am using Spadnext .early stages in development but with the PMdg 737/737 hes got most of the switch Panel to work really well yoke and throttle i think are working with default P3D v3 drivers. steve why is it underlined....
  7. I used the Australian link to get it.some of the links have not been updated. steve
  8. seems the installers have not been updated in my account. when i try to install it only shows p3d v1 and v2 maybe try tomorrow steve
  9. just haven't got 496 days 13hrs and 24minutes to do it at the moment.might leave it for the time being. steve
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