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  1. So sorry to hear Marg! Thankyou for informing us all. Jeff was certainly an active member of the community and will be missed! Thoughts are with you and his nearest and dearest! Andrew
  2. Ahhh, thanks @John Dow. Yep that sounds about right! Alright fingers crossed... I'm getting the sense quite broadly but with Orbx especially, that as this fast moving technology seeds up, developers are becoming more and more stretched in their ability to keep up "Compatibility" of already released products. It seems to be something that is becoming less and less front of mind or less of a priority.
  3. I would appreciate someone to have a look at this. Is it just me or is something actually amiss, as it appears to be?! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no change in outcome. I can add more screenshots from the ground and on approach, if needs be.
  4. Hi, This is something I have only recently noticed, given it is winter. Just today it dawned on me that I am only getting a really dried out summer feel for YTYA, while on the ground. I think there may be an issue at play? Below is an example of a birds eye view, from two different elevations... First is closer to the ground showing dry conditions, the second is zoomed out to the next level, where the lusher texture materialises. This is the only way I can depict what is going on. On the ground/in the aircraft and flying in, it solid
  5. @jimmi5150 As has always been the case, the demand and heavy cash flow is throughout the US and EU. With so much hype from those dense geographic areas I imagine they want to get their work in front of the newbies early. Even the Aussie YouTubers are hooked on the US and EU areas... It's a bit sad, but I'm sure we'll get some love at some stage as well as NZ!
  6. So many beautiful and kind words already!... To me, Bruce felt like the vital nuts and bolts holding the entire OZx package together in this quickly changing environment of Flight Simulation. Being an Aussie, I have always had a soft spot for OZx and believe it deserves the continued support that Bruce, alongside others was giving it as the times and technology changed. Helpful, committed and an important part of OZx and the Flight Sim community is how I would describe him from my few interactions with him around OZx scenery matters. I was utterly shocked a
  7. @Brittanix You need to understand that Orbx is a company that has been running and developing scenery since the very early days... Well over 10 years now, and that is reflected in their products. Australian scenery is pretty much where it all started. It is fairly clear in the product description, "The airport is depicted as was at time of release, circa 2010" that alone means that the YBBN product is about 10 years old, give or take... Quite a bit has changed over time, in technology and development standards. I think if the community wants these airports brought up to
  8. Don't kill me for posting about blurring terrain! I have read quite a few topics now and am still a bit unsure what would be causing this effect!? I've grown accustomed to overall terrain blurring at high speeds because of hardware capabilities, but this feels quite different in that it is always blurry, even when just sitting idle. As you can see, around the aircraft is crisp but beyond a few meters it turns to mush... I cant say I expect tack sharp to the horizon, obviously... Is it likely sim limitations or something else, that's resolvable?
  9. Thankyou for the insight @Tim Harris Rerouting sounds like a reasonably fair compromise... By "Default" do you mean Global, minus vector? It's just a shame since the accuracy of what Vector has done is really spot on from what I can see! It goes from car and road issue, to airport placement issue Can't get too caught up though Thanks for all the work you do!
  10. Yeah @BernieFlyer to be honest I hadn't realised something was missing, until I saw your post. I don't have YSSY so that's probably part of it! The file does fix the problem and provide a few more options that were certainly missing. It would be worth sneaking it into an update for everyone @Nick Cooper
  11. @JoHubb You will find several threads that relate to this, here in the Freeware support forum: https://Orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/19-Orbx-freeware-support-forum/
  12. @chubaka I would say that due to the age of YBBN the high quality ground poly that is often created and found in the newer products did not exist. You will find that the vast majority of older Aus products have a similar look to the runways, taxiways and aprons. I know I'd like to see the work done across all the products that are lacking, but... Andrew
  13. Not a problem @ismacmatic Yeah Vanimo does have that look to it You know what though, I suspect why this hasn't been fixed in the past comes down to the issue potentially affecting many ORBX Global enhancement airports... If they justified fixing these, it could open the door to having to fix many others! The know how to fix the placement is way beyond me unfortunately. It really does need fixing though, cars/roads encroaching on airports isn't a great look and turning roads or cars off isn't ideal. @Nick Cooper
  14. As for Vanimo, the airport is well off! Note the road causing the problem. Makes the approach to RW12 an interesting one with the beach... As for Tari, it's a bit of an abstract field by the looks of it... Looks like airport placement again.
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