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  1. Looking incredible! Nice feature having the MCG ground switch between AFL and Cricket... I'm sure someone would have complained.
  2. Really looking forward to installing ORBX scenery outside of the main sim directory, the fewer add-ons in there the better. Will certainly help make fresh installs of P3D so much more enjoyable! Greatly appreciate the work that has been put into it all, can't wait! I'd apply for the beta but work is just so up and down... @Ben McClintock If you need any extra P3D V4 users to test, I could possibly find a little time here and there. Andrew
  3. @shane280172 If OZx is above Aus v2 in the scenery library, I'm fairly sure you will still see OZx scenery instead of the Aus v2 scenery/airfields. Whether they will destructively clash or not, I'm unsure. My plan is to turn OZx off and have a good explore, then compare (where applicable) and enable or disable particular OZx or ORBX scenery where needs to be. There are some real gems amongst OZx that are likely to be a step up on Aus v2 upgrades, so I strongly believe it's worth keeping OZx on hand! Andrew
  4. Words just aren't enough, speechless!.... Incredible work by everyone involved, appreciate it so much!
  5. @John Venema I just noticed the pics of an enhanced YFLI, the terminal appears very different to its current state. I believe that it underwent a real-world upgrade at some point to a more modern terminal. Just thought I'd mention it and that a small freeware developer by the name of FatCat Scenery has done quite a nice upgrade of the field... Maybe worth looking into?
  6. This is one that I know of, have a scroll through. All are probably a significant update if you only have the default. Lawrence is doing some nice work for the Aussie airbases. https://flightsimdev.com/downloads/ Andrew
  7. Thanks Richard, Aus Jet obviously has a fair reach then! They look in great condition.
  8. Great shots @Richard Lincoln Those two Cessna 206s look like beasts! Love those fat tires... Can't Imagine what Aus Jet uses them for though, looks like they need to be out bush! Andrew
  9. @Jordan Gough Fantastic work! I can hardly believe that Vic is finally getting another Airport, for it to by Tyabb is even better. Is there a chance of the Stearman getting a VH-PUD paint job?
  10. I certainly don't disagree @MartinM Switzerland with the ORBX treatment would be incredible and is something I hope for. I guess if they went down that path Orbx would then be in the position of possibly reducing the traffic to CH Prof, which might be hurtful to the devs who obviously put a lot of work and money into it. Presumably LSPN will be compatible and fit right in with Open LC EU, FTX Global or both so maybe best used with that?
  11. Absolutely awesome!!! Looking incredible Hope this is the first of many payware airfields for the stunning country of Switzerland...
  12. Bit of a random question, I am wondering what dictates when and where snow textures show on the ground, in sim? Flying around the alpine areas of FTX AU I notice some mountains and elevated areas have snow on the ground and others don't (which is natural). Although there are some mountains and elevated areas where I know snow does fall but doesn't appear. Do meters above sea level or temperature have any influence as to where the snow shows or are the textures just pre-placed on specific areas? Andrew
  13. Sounds like we are on the same page @farman and @KVSandleben!! I guess that is the difficult thing with multi-sim, each one will have something the other doesn't. Andrew
  14. Looks fantastic, as is all of Franks work! I believe that Frank started out creating his incredible mountain themed scenery in FSX, is there any chance of seeing his future creations for XP11 also available P3D V4? Andrew
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