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  1. Awesome news. I was a early Beta Tester for FSX when I was an MVP for MSFT. I was an early Orbx customer during the FS9/FSX days. I left the hobby in 2014 when I changed computers. Now retired and with plenty more time, (quarantine too), I am thrilled with the news. FS2020 pulls me back into the hobby. Orbx makes it way better! I hope they port most of their PNW scenery (seeing KORS and KTIW released from the start is excellent news!). I will get LOWI and London of course. Probably everything else they make. After the initial release, and when the plans are
  2. Awesome news! I left FSX many years ago and went to other games. I am back, eagerly awaiting FS2020 release. Got a new Honeycomb Yoke and am ready for it (dusted off my very old CH Throttle for now). I Have dozens of Orbx sceneries as I was involved in GA/Bush back then. Some people may remember me (I do remember many I see in the Forum).. I will immediately go for these when they release, esp exited for KORS (used to be my FSX "base"), KTIW, London City. and LOWI. Anything that can be ported, updated from the Orbx stable I'll buy.
  3. I only post airplane-related images in Orbx forums, but I do much more than that in my photography (non-professional mind you, as it is not my day job). here are a couple of recent shots, just for fun Lowland Gorilla - Zoo Miami Miami Beach
  4. Very nice! You have done a great job collecting these treasures.
  5. I blogged about it that day. Have been listening to him for years, and more so for the last couple of days. A great loss, but his music will live forever.
  6. Don't think it was an event. Maybe a little bit over normal population with some transients but not far from the usual there.
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