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  1. It looks like it was because of a problem with an external hard drive. I changed it to internal and it's working now.
  2. Orbx Central went through the entire install and got to the ""Finalizing and Cleaning Up" and it hung. I shut down OrbxCentral completely and restarted it, restarted the install and it hung again in the same spot. What should I do? Gregg
  3. That´s what I´m using. The one cool thing that I see in FL HD is a lot more antennas at night. It adds depth.
  4. The thing I'm trying to figure out is if I need the night lighting overlay I used to used to for state of Florida when I was using Ortho. It sounds like you're saying it could still be useful. I could try putting it between the TE Overlay and the TE Orthos and see what happens.
  5. Hi Just a question. Does Florida HD have it's own lights or does it use the XPlane default coverage? Thanks!
  6. Just to close the circle on this. I built out a new machine and installed Florida SD on this one (on an SSD). All is working well. It takes about 3-4 minutes to load at KPIE. Performance is good but I can't say how much of it is due to the SD version and how much is due to a faster video card. Looking down, it looks pretty amazing.
  7. I think I saw the extension...4K textures on the buildings or something? I only have 8GB VRAM so I guess it wouldn't make much sense to get it...a lot of folks only have that much or less. Perhaps X-Plane can come up with some ways to make those kinds of add ons more practical for more people. I'm building a new machine so going to download the SD version of FL and see what I think. I might put that on my SSD since I fly it so often. I use 4K for some other reasons so I'm not going to try to change my resolution. EDIT: I got the screen capture. You can see by my MFD that I'm about 50 miles south of Orlando International at 29,000 feet. Yesterday I was flying south of Daytona Beach and saw the same thing. That time, it eventually loaded. This time X-Plane ran out of memory and crashed about 3-4 minutes after taking this capture. I still had 1.5GB of VRAM. Log attached. Log.txt
  8. One other thing. I've noticed twice, once flying south from Jacksonville and again flying north from KEYW, a long area of scenery that stretches across the state, that doesn't load right away. The scenery around it looks fine, even the scenery beyond it looks fine...but that one gigantic rectangle takes a long, long time to load. I took a screenshot the last time it happened and I'll see if I can upload it. My system had 1.5 GB of VRAM free when it happened. Gregg
  9. Okay so, first off, red faced, a mea culpa...I'd forgotten that for my KSEA load time that my Washington is the SD version. So, that probably explains the reason it loads way faster. I also wondered about all the textures and all new those objects that TE has added. A LOT of objects. It would, obviously, be very cool if X-Plane could improve load performance. I have no complaints about performance once loaded. The libraries seem very efficient in that regard. Hmmm. What you're saying in this and your other posts makes sense. I have to ask. Is the HD version that much better than SD? The pictures you posted here look fairly similar to what I'm seeing in HD, I think. I fly about 50% of my time in and around Florida or most of my long cross-countries start or end there so I really like having good scenery there. On the other hand, if it's not worth it that's another matter. On my Florida I'd had ZL17 and mixed in some ZL19 in some rare places near some airports and some places I have a personal attachment to, like the park on the water near downtown St. Pete. (On a completely separate note, it could be nice to see a hybrid approach to some of these areas...a mix of SD and HD which a fair number of people do.) Visually, do you see much difference between HD and SD? Visually, I think the HD hits it's sweet spot, where it looks really HD at about 7000 ft. How much better, in terms of frames, is your performance when you compare the two? Have you any kind of stats on that? I may move my installation to SSD but, for performance, I might downgrade my installation to SD. BTW, in terms of other photoreal in the area, I've done my best to eliminate any overlapping Ortho but it's possible that I might have a bit on the north and east side of the state since I can't tell precisely where your tiles end and where I need to pick up for my Bahamas and Georgia Ortho, both of which are set to be under Florida HD. This, obviously, won't be a problem once you get those areas finished.... (Go ahead, slide right up the coast if you want.) Thanks to both of you for your time and help! Gregg
  10. I just loaded a flight as a test at KPIE St. Petersburg and it took 17 minutes. By comparison, loading up at KSEA Seattle took 4 minutes. Gregg
  11. I've noticed the same issue on my i9 16GB GTX1070 8GB machine. My sim used to load ZL17 Ortho in the same area from the same drive in about 3-4 minutes. Now it's taking about 10 or more from the same drive. I have TE Washington and never noticed any issue for that. It's really nice but, wow, that's a long time. Gregg
  12. I uninstalled and reinstalled Trees and OpenLC NA then restarted and it's good now. Not sure which it was but it's good.
  13. Good thought...unfortunately, didn't work. Also, I should mention that, even in summer, the trees ate pale green.
  14. I installed Global, Vector and OpenClass NA, FTX Trees last night...went to bed. Got up this morning and took a flight. This picture is departing KFLL Fort Lauderdale looking south. It's spring and my sliders are almost full right. Maybe it's me but it looked a lot better in 3.4. Is it normal to look like this? Any idea what, if anything, went wrong? P3D4 departing KFLL looking south... Here's me flying in the same area in P3D3...
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