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  1. That´s good news. I plan to fly both X-Plane and MSFS and I'd hate to have to try to figure out which platform to buy an airport for. Orbx sceneries look absolutely stunning in X-Plane and are a huge upgrade to it. I'm really looking forward to many more Orbx quality airports in both platforms.
  2. Hmmm. Those people aren´t on my Fresno...only streetside. Maybe I need to reinstall. I´d still like to see some folks in the terminal.
  3. Yeah, there are a few on the road side of the terminal but none in the terminal or air-side.
  4. It's an absolutely beautiful airport. Well done! The terminal is beautiful and the FBOs are all well done. But they're empty. It would be great to see some people there!
  5. The airport looks great! Does the Griffith Park have a greenish or yellowish hue to it?
  6. Not sure if this problem I got is related to this airport:
  7. Hi, There's a couple of antenna's about 10 miles north of St. Petersburg (KPIE). The VFR map shows them at 377' if I have the right ones. Flying into KPIE from the north in Florida HD, they look like they're a couple of thousand feet tall. Gregg
  8. It looks like it was because of a problem with an external hard drive. I changed it to internal and it's working now.
  9. Orbx Central went through the entire install and got to the ""Finalizing and Cleaning Up" and it hung. I shut down OrbxCentral completely and restarted it, restarted the install and it hung again in the same spot. What should I do? Gregg
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