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  1. Probably a wise move. Glad this is temporary. Question: If someone does rebuild their sim from scratch will they have to redownload all of those installers again or will Central3 'remember' where it downloaded them so that they can just be reinstalled?
  2. Reno will, indeed, be welcome. Beautiful place and the screenshots look nice!
  3. Looks nice...especially Tucson. Were they taken with Vector on? Jamaica coastline looks blocky. EDIT: Who knows...maybe it is blocky.
  4. Oh my gosh, North America has pants. Looking forward to this. Wish those lights had some variability to them.
  5. Looks promising. Will we be able to change the size of the lights?
  6. That's wonderful. I remember turning final over them back when it was just FTX Global and looking down. I was stunned, even back then, and thought to myself that this has to be one of the most beautiful approaches in the world. Then came OpenLC...and now this. Seriously, this is going to be something.
  7. Hi Maurizio, Beautiful work. Just beautiful. Are any of the mountains to the east of the city part of the work as well? They'd make for a stunning approach into the airport. Gregg
  8. It looks great! My hope is that it doesn't go down when you reduce sliders much. I often turn my sliders down when flying at night...can't see the buildings and trees much anyway. Gregg
  9. These look really great...especially Asheville and Wilmington. A great improvement! One comment, the roads at Myrtle Beach between the ocean and the waterway all run perpendicular and parallel to the ocean.
  10. Sweden has been long ignored by the devs of the world. Love to see some mixed use.
  11. I noticed that KPRB, Paso Robles, made the short list of possible airports for SCA and I'm glad for it! It's a beautiful airport set in the Paso Robles wine district. There are wineries all around, nice hills, a lovely town and a beautiful terminal. It's also got some interesting instrument approaches. It's mid-way between KMRY and so many airports to the south...an excellent stopover. I, for one, would love to see an Orbx treatment of the area!
  12. Well, here's hoping someone (Orbx or otherwise) latches on to this airport. It's in a beautiful broad valley, would tie together other airports around the area, and would be an excellent airport for airplanes of all sizes. +1. Gregg
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