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  1. I have created something for myself as a way to prepare for multiple flights to see at least 41 airports. (May not be your cup of tea) I also created flight plans for each leg. If you are interested I can PM to you.
  2. I can vouch for the quality of the VC when using a UHD 4K monitor (Acer CB280HK) with an nVidia 970. Compared to the best I have with P3D or FSX the gauges are as clear as I have ever seen in a sim. Even these aging eyes can see the numbers!
  3. To the ORBX Team and FSS, Thanks for your efforts. I have been and will continue to be a loyal customer since the days of the first AU DVD back in 2009? Yep, the first attempts yesterday were frustrating but given the scope of the expectations I was not alarmed or put off. I logged back in today and the download link at FSS worked. I was able to pick the most responsive of the download locations and with may max of 5.2 MB/sec with Internet Download Manager everything was downloaded in less than an hour with no errors. My golf game also went well today so sometimes being patient is a good idea.
  4. I was able to purchase the product but when the details came back the Download link in My Account showed zero bytes. Not a good start for FSS.
  5. Canada, Toronto Area 200 kb/s to 1.83 mb/s Constant cycling up and down. My connection to ISP: Down: 15.67 mb/s Up: 2.17 mb/s
  6. 1.73-1.83 Mb/s for the 1Gb file Location: Canada Greater Toronto area About the normal max download speed for my account.
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