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  1. I tried changing my target frame rate to unlimited. Did not do it with Orbx scenery, just with MegasceneryEarth New York. It seems to have corrected the problem, at least with that scenery. Earlier I realized that it was happening with that scenery also, so it wasn't just an Orbx thing but more of a function of P3D. Tomorrow I will try it with TrueEarth Oregon and see what happens.
  2. Well, technically, I should say it's CAPPED (as opposed to "locked") at 30 since it does go below that at a detailed airport.
  3. Hi- My ground scenery is getting very blurry after being in the air for a little while. I at first thought maybe it was because I didn't have the slider set far enough, but after I pushed it up to "Ultra" the ground was sharp at first but then got blurry again after a little while. I have a fast machine (i7 9700K running at 4.7 GHz, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, 32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM), so I don't think that is the problem. I am running P3D v4.5 with the framerate locked at 30. Any help? Thanks. -Ed
  4. I have the Oakland end of the bridge underwater also, or it is just missing. Don't really know which, but in any event, it is not there. I did a file verification and nothing changed. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Nick- I don't understand... If you are storing the same sceneries for each version of P3D, why is that not a waste of disk space? Other than what you said about some products not working (but you can see that info on the product description, right?), the newer sceneries take up huge amounts of storage and I do not want to have to double the space for the same scenery. Can you please clarify what you said about "the premise that there is a waste of disk space is a false one"? Thanks. -Ed
  6. Richard- Yes, I figured it out after I posted my question. Sorry about that, and thanks for responding. Ed
  7. Hi- I just purchase two items for P3D v5. One is an airport that was discounted for the July sale, so I guess I don't get the senior discount on that one? But the other is Hollywood-Burbank, a new airport that is not discounted. As far as I can tell I did not get the 15% senior discount on that item. The order ID is 5f0a25019a654. Can you please check on this? Thanks. -Edward Kaplan Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. I'm really confused as to the differences between the N.A. regions, like Pacific Northwest, Northern California, etc. and the new TrueEarth sceneries. The two cover much of the same territory. Is TrueEarth higher resolution? Does it have more modeled areas? I guess I'm trying to determine if it is worth spending the money to get the TrueEarth sceneries if the two overlap in area covered? -Ed
  9. I am having exactly the same problem with the aircraft being about fifty feet above runway and then drifting down and crashing. Hope there is an answer out there..... -Ed
  10. Jarrad- My transaction ID is 5907fc96f351e. It's OK now. There was a problem with the way I installed it. Thanks for the response. -Ed
  11. I have no people at KSFF. Checked screenshots on the product page and there are no people where there should be. I have everything checked in the config settings for the airport, have the scenery complexity slider in P3D maxxed out, but nothing. Can anyone help? Thanks. -Ed
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