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  1. Hi I am transferring my X Plane folder to a new HD. As X Plane is all contained in one folder this is reportadly not a problem. However do I need to uninstal / reinstall ORBX products or just transfer them in my Custom Scenery folder. I thought maybe updates would not find the new folder. Thanks simdown 42
  2. Hi Nick My problems began after the installation of Orlando, disabling ORBX Libraries and subsequent uninstallation of Orlando. Today I re installed Orlando and the problem has resolved. So I still believe Orlando is at fault somehow. Many Thanks again Have a great 2019 Cheers Doug
  3. Hi Nick Thanks for your help. I don't know how it started but I'm using Windows 7 so will check out what I can do. Cheers
  4. Hi Further to my previous post regarding X Plane and P3D. I loaded P3D and received the X Plane update page before P3D launched without touching X Plane launcher. I'm going crazy here. It's all happened since my Orlando install and I disabled ORBX libs in P3D. How can P3D and X Plane act together in some way? Please help as I'm tearing my hair out. Thanks again simdown42
  5. Here's a weird one I disabled ORBX libraries in P3Dv4 to try to get Orlando Cityscene to load ok. When that failed I re enabled ORBX libraries in P3Dv4 and thought I'd fly with X Plane 11 for a while. I launched X Plane 11 to have a fly and P3D briefly opened up with a screen saying generating file indexes and then closed while X Plane loaded normally! This is a curly one . Anyone care to help? It all seems to have happened after installing Orlando Cityscape. I've uninstalled Orlando an the problem is persisting. What has P3D got to do with X Plane? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone I have both X Plane and P3Dv4. My opinion of X Plane 11 is this Forum rules apply here too. Similarly, criticism, comparisons and adverse comments about other developers' products, including flight simulators are not allowed. Sorry.
  7. Thanks I have a SSD for my system files and a conventional 2 TB drive for my sim so everything should be fine Cheers
  8. Hi Because X Plane is contained in one folder I was wondering if it was worth copying the installed TE England files from Custom Scenery to a portable HD as a backup to avoid a complete reinatall if the computer crashed. Would that work? Thanks
  9. Hi I have read John's slider reccomendations for TE England but there is no mention of John's system. Would someone please tell me recommended system requirements for TE England before I purchase. I have a i7 3770 16 gig ram GTX 1070TI on Windows 7 Pro. Thanks Cheers
  10. John Thanks. I am interested to know what computer specs you are running to recommend those settings. Thanks Cheers
  11. This may help people with slow loading times I believe the freeware tool x organizer 1.3 allows you to make profiles for airports etc that eases loading time. You might be able to make one for True Earth so that is all it loads. Worth a try. Cheers
  12. Hi I have a gtx1070TI card and 16 gig of ram with an i7 3770. This runs X Plane 11 well but will it be enough for True Earth England South? Thanks Cheers
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