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  1. Posted February 23 (edited) ยท Report post Masterhawk, many thanks for sharing about the new Autogen Configuration Merger tool. I recently purchased FranceVFR's new Paris scenery and got it to work well with Orbx's openLC Europe (which covers the rest of France beyond the Paris area), with autogen working great in both FranceVFR and Orbx. Here are the simple steps I took, with the help of details in the tool's manuals: Copied FranceVFR's autogen files (the *.spb files), as-is without any modification, into a new "autogen" directory in a FranceVFR scenery directory (that is listed in scenery.cfg). Installed the AutogenConfigurationMerger tool in P3Dv3 mode, such that the tool will run whenever Prepar3D is started. Made sure the FranceVFR scenery libraries are above Orbx in scenery.cfg. When I select Orbx's Global region (to activate openLC Europe) in FTX Central, this causes Orbx's Global autogen files to be copied to Prepar3D's autogen directory. After Prepar3D is started, the AutogenConfigurationMerger tool will then automatically merge FranceVFR's autogen files into the existing files in Prepar3D's autogen directory. Such a merger occurs only whenever the tool detects the FranceVFR definitions aren't already in the existing files, which will occur whenever FTX Central is used to change regions. In the long run, it would be best for LM/Prepar3D to implement its own autogen merger mechanism, allowing the various scenery developers to deliver their own autogen files that can be installed separately from each other. Edited February 23 by DesertPilot Hello DesertPilot What happens, when you run FTX Central later on again? Does AutogenConfigurationMerger tool still work correctly? Heinz
  2. Where can I find the Vectorpatches V1.10, V1.15 and V.1.20? I think, in my customer account at Flight Sim Store is only the last one, V.1.20. In the support page ORBX I see nothing about Vector. Heinz
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