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  1. Hi John Yes, I was able to do the updates without creating a library. Heinz
  2. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: FSX only Screenshot: Issue: I found two updates this morning in Orbx Central (Pacific Northwest and Pacific Fjords). When I wanted to install the updates, Orbx Central asked me to create a library, otherwise the two sceneries won't work correctly. Is it really necessary to do this, I use only FSX? I'm afraid AutogenConfigurationMerger (ACM) will no longer work correctly and the scenery library will no longer be correct when I create a library outside from FSX. I absolutely need ACM because I also have VFR France sceneries installed. Heinz
  3. Hi Nick I think what you say is correct for Orbx regions but not for 3rd party sceneries like Switzerland Professional or VFR France. Heinz
  4. When an user has e.g. AU Australia installed, is there a need to have Vector ticked in the scenery library or not? I found out, that every where I have a region scenery installed, Vector causes so much errors, that I mean it is better to deactivate Vector. Is this right or not? Heinz
  5. Is it possible to disable (I mean not to uninstall) and to enable trees HD and buildings HD somwhere in FSX? Heinz
  6. Hi Nick I have Australia v4.1.0 installed and ORBX Central says, that the produckt is up to date. I don't own Australia v2. Heinz
  7. I'm confused. I have been installing ORBX Central for several months. I have deactivated the automatic product updates. I want to know when what is being updated. I have installed more than a hundred ORBX products. When I search for updates in ORBX Central, I always get the message that no updates are available. I just can't believe that none of my products has had an update for all the months I've been using ORBX Central. I only use the FSX. Thanks for your comment. Regards, Heinz Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. I read in the manual of HD buildings that the TML must be set to 4096. TML 4096 set in the fsx.cfg causes always blurries with my system, so I have set it to 2048 since a long time. With 2048 I have no blurries. My qeustion now: Does HD buildings work correctly too with TML 2048 or not? Heinz M
  9. Hi Josh I have ORBX Central 4.0.13 installed. All the problems I had with the previous versions do not occur anymore, even the one with the multiple OZx entries is solved. Thanks again for your support. If any future problems arise, I would like to report them here. Heinz
  10. Hi Josh Thank you very much for your informations. What I don't understand is the explanation about the ObjectFlow. When I have a look in FTX Central about my ORBX products, I see no entry for ObjectFlow. So I ask me, where was the ObjectFlow installed with FTX Central. What is different between ORBX Central and FTX Central regarding the Object Flow? When i will install ORBX Central now, will the ObjectFlow be installed automatically in a library even in FSX and will it be added in the scenery.cfg? I read somewhere that in FSX everything must be installed in the main folder and not in a library. Heinz
  11. Hi Josh I would like to install ORBX Central again. But before I do this, I have some questions: I remember that when installing 4.0.10 immediately updates were executed before I could even choose my settings incl. Insertionpoint. What must I do to avoid this? I wish no backups and no libraries. What is if I say at the start of the installation that I want to keep FTX Central? What is if I say at the start of the installation that I want to uninstall FTX Central? In this case, is it necessary to reinstall all my ORBX products? I dont know exactly, how many products I own, but probably over 100. Heinz
  12. Hi Josh I have forgotten to say, that I use FSX together with SimStarter. Heinz
  13. Hi Josh I don't know. I had the problem with the multiple OZx entries and the blank entries in the default area in the scenery.cfg with version 4.0.10. Then I unistalled 4.0.10 and went back to FTX Central. Everything works fine now, so I did not install version 4.0.13. What do you think should I try version 4.0.13 or is this still risky? I use only FSX. Heinz
  14. Hi Colle Do you work with 4.0.13? When yes, what about the multiple OZx entries and the blank entries in the default aera of the FSX scenery.cfg? Heinz
  15. Hi Nck What do you mean exactly, when you say "it's not possible to use both together to manage all ORBX products?" Does it means, that is it not possible to have both tools active at the same time, but it's possible to have both installed and then to run either one or the other one? Or let me ask the question in an other way: When I install ORBX Central without uninstalling FTX Central will this has an impact on the correct function of ORBX Central? As Sim I have only FSX installed. Regards, Heinz
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