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  1. Here's hoping for KTEX in time for the snow season coming upon the Rockies.
  2. Do you know if that works for v4 as well?
  3. Odd. No difference for me, unfortunately, with P3D 4.5.
  4. I get this window every time I shut down P3D v4.5. Have to then go right click and close ChasePlane. Is this intended behavior? Clicking the green check mark does nothing on my system.
  5. Looks like the latest update still has the taxi edge line still a bit short. Anyone else see the same thing?
  6. Could an option be considered in the future to disable the new Hollywood Sign lighting since the real one hasn't been lit up in 20 years? https://hollywoodsign.org/frequently-asked-questions/ Thanks.
  7. I take that back unfortunately, may have been just placebo minimizing to the tray. Anyone else come across any potential fixes or improvements?
  8. Oh, I guess we forgot to tag @Matteo Veneziani as well in that reply since the thread was marked answered. Hopefully he sees those details you guys shared!
  9. I'll add a couple of observations as well. For the taxiway lines and dimensions, when centered on the taxiway, the 737 winglet should go right up to the edge line next to runway 8/26 but not cross it. Regarding the ground equipment also, there's several pieces of Southwest Airlines equipment by the B gates, as well as general aviation and cargo, where they only use A gates. (Does Southwest even have pallet container loaders when they only have a fleet of 737s?) See attached.
  10. I've been experimenting with the option to inject inputs directly into memory as well to eliminate these stutters. Is there a way to verify this setting is active (and working the way it was intended)? Minimizing the window to system tray seems to help....a little. But it's inconsistent for me to say definitively.
  11. For me, the road segments themselves are excluded but the road lights still remain. What kind of exclusion poly would you use for the lights?
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