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  1. Hi Smudger I tried what you suggested but no result. I uninstalled / reinstalled AI traffic out of desperation and got an error message saying to foreward the log file then it closed down. I ended up reinstalling FSX SE, FtX works great as does the rest of my add ons. I will have to accept Prepar3D with it's warts and all. At least I now can fly my add on aircraft with out buying them until I can get free up grades. All in all not the result I wanted but I'm fairly happy with the out come. Thanks for your patience Smudger Best wishes Barry Cummings ( Orbx is still a great product)
  2. Hello Smudger ObjectFlow2 doesn't show in add ons but the box is ticked in FTXC3
  3. When I load airport scenery into P3D V4 the items in the control panel are missing. No people, aircraft etc. I have installed the latest FTX central v3.3.0.2. also the latest Australia New Zealand AI Traffic. Its the same at all my airports . Any suggestions please.
  4. My Melbourne Airport ( YMML ) has the taxi ways below the surrounding ground level consequently when taking off the aircraft ploughs into these raised mounds and disappears. At the same time parked aircraft are up in the air slowly floating around. I have uninstalled and reinstalled YMML with no change. Any ideas please ? My other Orbx addons are OK .I run FSX SE. Regards Barry Cummings
  5. Thanks Pat I didn't realise it was so easy with FTX central V3. A great program. Thanks again.
  6. I have a message for updates for YBCS Cairns , ftx global vector and England could you tell me where I can find them please. Thanks in advance Barry Cummings
  7. Thank you Wolter and JV for you help goes great looks great.
  8. Thanks guys but where do I find the FSS installer /unwrapper? Can I download another one?
  9. After down loading FTX:Australia SP4 the unwrap started OK but stopped.I now can't find the unwrap window to start again.Do I have to down load again and start over?.Being a newcomer at this I would appreciate any help.Thanks in advance.
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