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  1. Hi John, Yup I do agree. I've made the modification you suggest in FSX settings. Moreover, I've aslo noticed that, in my configuration, the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION variable is important. When I takeoff from NewYork, if its value is at 0.25 it's OK (low FPS 20-25 but OK). However, if I set it at default value (0.33) the FPS drop to 5-10 and a FSX crash occurs with OOM message. If that info may help!? As soon as I will come back from my prof. ttravel (on next week), I'll try with the Autogen slider set at Dense. Thanks for your quick answer. I cannot understand how my hardware configura
  2. Hello all, I have some problem to fly with FSX over the East Coast of the USA. I set the FPS max to unlimited, as you suggests in the Manual. All other settings of FSX are like you suggest in the Manual. I had no problem either when flying worldwide and, recently, I decided to fly over New England. Starting from Boston, no problem, the FPS are running between 50 and 60. The flight was Boston-to-La Guardia, short flight: 40 min in Learjet. The more I was approaching of NY, the more the FPS were going down. To the point that at the end I was at 7-12 FPS only. I must say that at any ti
  3. Hello all, A great great thanks for your kind and prompt answers to my question ! Great! Unfortunately, I was aware that photoreal things by FRANCEVFR indeed uses their own mesh ... I will try soon and gives you WHAT I actually will get, right? Again a greta thanks for your involvement. best wishes Philippe
  4. Hello all! I just bought (and still downloading the different zipped files) FTX openLC EUROPE. Order ORBX FS0346287 Date 6/1/2015. I wanted to know the degree of compatibility between FTX openLC Europe and the various (older) photo-realistic sceneries from FRANCEVFR. May I fly over France with both sceneries active ? Best regards, Philippe from Toulouse PS I am already the very very happy buyer and user of FTX Global and FTX Global VECTOR.
  5. Just a quick answer to you all : CHEERS BUDDIES !!!!!! I let you know what i'll feel about fling my (virtual) Mooney with FTX Global ON ... I was said that there could be some problems with Direct X10, is it true ? JimNZ .... ah don't worry, the former AllBlack players playing now at the Stade Toulousain helped us to be Champion of the French Rugby 19 times now !! They are all fantastic and even they appear all together times to times on the Place du Capitole for signing autographs and meeting their fans ... Just Fantastic ))) We love rugby here (as you know), wxe love good food and good w
  6. Many thanks paddler ! I'm sure members on this forum are great ! This is my first purchase of an ORBX product ... wait and see! Thanks for the welcome. (forgot to add the FS purchas enumebr to my signature !!!!) All the best to all. Philippe
  7. Hi everybody, This is my first connection so I wanted to say a big hello to you all. I'm from Toulouse, the Airbus city. I just bought FTX GLOBAL a few days ago, had it installed but did not yet try it in FSX. I've also installed FS Global Ultimate from Stefan Schaefer (at PILOT'S). He told me that FS Global is a mesh-enhancing soft, wheeras FX Global is a texture-enhancer. SO, there should be NO problem if the two are working together in FSX. Could you please confirm me that ? I'll let you know what I think of FTX Global ... waiting the various OpenLcs to come and, of course, th
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